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And The Winner Is…

I announced a contest for you to help me name my free ebook on Wednesday and I’m now happy to announce the winner of the contest. The winner is Codrut Turcanu with the title “Blogging Income Exposed: From zero to $3,000 a month”. It is no doubt there are a lot of titles suggested and […]

CONTEST: Help Me Name My New Ebook

As I told you in my December 2010 income report I’ve been working with my designer to make sure I get the best design and they’ve been doing a great job. (Thanks to the team at Blazersix!). My main aim for redesigning my blog is not because I want to be using a premium theme […]

Are you a Healthy Blogger ?

This is a guest post by Web-The Universe. If you’re interested in writing for WritersinCharge you can click here to learn more. If you are thinking that Blogging is a great way to earn Money you’re totally right but that is if you go about it the right way..If you think that spending so much […]

How An Entrepreneur Can Reach A Reader’s Heart

This is a guest post by Zabrinah. If you’re interested in writing a guest post for WritersinCharge you can click here to learn more. Similar to WritersinCharge, your website or blog is composed of a whole lot of writing. You’re an entrepreneur first, but a writer second. Whether you are giving tips or promoting your […]

How I Built a Successful Blog in 8 Months

On the 2nd of April 2010 I made one of the most important decisions of my life; and that decision was starting this blog. 8 months later, I’m proud to say I have built what I can call a successful blog. Building a successful blog is easy and at the same time complicated. Building a […]


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