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Thanks to You All

2010 “was” a really great year for me as a blogger and entrepreneur and who else can I thank for that than YOU, My Readers, for your constant support. You all made it possible! I keep on learning new things and I keep on seeing that there are always new things to learn to learn […]

How Can You Benefit From A Blog With High Traffic

This is a guest post by Kharim Tomlinson from WebMaster-Success.com where he provides blogging tips. Blogs with high traffic, such as this blog (WritersinCharge.com), are really beneficial to everyone, whether you are the owner or not. Blogs with high traffic has lots of visitors and the blog owner can make money with their blog very […]

How I Got my First 1000 Subscribers

2010 is a great year for me for so many reasons. I started my blog this year and due to persistent determination, willingness to learn new things and by the grace of the Almighty God I have been able to build what I can call a successful blog. One of my notable achievements is being […]

3 Reasons Why in 2011 You Should Contribute to Other Blogs with Good Articles

This is a guest post by Alex Papa. Article marketing has been one of the stalwarts that marketers and bloggers have used to generate more traffic and backlinks for their websites and blogs. But with the blogging realm growing at break neck speed a new promotional approach has superseded what article marketing was supposed to […]

How to Make Money Blogging With Devesh Sharma from TechnShare

PS: Happy Christmas to you all, your countless support is what helped me take this blog to where it is so I appreciate you. Have the best of Christmas! Blogging is a fun way to make money online and that is why I have decided to get in touch with a successful young blogger to […]


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