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Entrepreneur Spotlight – Samuel Ayodele

This is the fourth week of WritersinCharge’s entrepreneur spotlight feature and I’m very happy to feature another cool young entrepreneur this week. The entrepreneur I’ll be featuring today is Samuel Ayodele from Megabizflakes. Who is Samuel? Samuel is a 19-year-old Nigerian blogger who blogs about small businesses and entrepreneurship on his blog, Megabizflakes.

How to Create an Ebook Cover With Photoshop

I have wanted to know how to use Photoshop since I first heard of it but it seems too complex for me, I didn’t bother to learn how to use it until recently when I have to face the reality. WritersinCharge will soon have its first 1000 subscribers so I decided to write an ebook […]

The 5 Main Challenges of Working from Home

This is a guest post by Alex Papa Over the last decade many full-time employees have made the bold decision to resign from their jobs and pursue a home-based business. The primary motivator for people making this decision is the need for independence, as well as a desire to choose their own hours, and to […]

7 Effective Ways to Generate Viral Traffic to Your Blog

One question that is often asked by newbies is how do I get traffic to my blog? While that is a great question because traffic is very essential to the success of any blog I will rather advise you to rephrase that question to how do I get viral traffic to my blog? I know […]

Entrepreneur Spotlight – Hector Avellaneda

Today is another great Saturday and I’ll be featuring another cool entrepreneur, before I give you more details about who this entrepreneur is I’d like to let you know that I’ve been getting feedback and suggestions from readers (such as making this a form of a mini-interview etc.), I am not neglecting your comments and […]


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