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How to Effectively Get More from Article Marketing – Content Professor Review

I have been building a niche site for the past few weeks and what keeps on amazing me is how effective article marketing is. Even though my niche site is new, I’m beginning to get results fast. As you can guess, I am a guy who loves working hard to make sure I get results […]

Entrepreneur Spotlight – Devesh Sharma

The entrepreneur spotlight feature has been going for sometimes now and I’m about to implement some changes. In the second series of the entrepreneur spotlight feature I got some comments from readers wanting the feature to be in the form of a mini-interview but I have decided I won’t be doing it that way since […]

7 Solid Tips to Improve Your Experience of Working From Home

This is a guest post by Alex Papa who recently wrote a great post on the challenges of working from home for WritersinCharge readers. If you enjoyed the last post I’m sure you would enjoy this one too. In my last guest post here we studied the 5 Main Challenges of Working From Home. There […]

The Email Battle Axe – How to Effectively Deal With Emails as a Blogger

I have been experiencing something recently which made me want to write this post, and that is having to deal with a large number of emails. One major thing you should know is that the emails you receive has the potential of killing your productivity and wasting your day and if care is not taken, […]

The Constant Battle of Monetizing a Blog

A blog is a great medium to make money online and that is why many of us start it in the first place, but as time goes on, we realize the importance of building trust by giving away free information and how this is very critical to succeeding as a blogger, we go on to […]


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