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Three Things Key Words for Every Entrepreneur

This is a guest post by Helen Green Onibalusi’s “Ten Reasons You Should Be an Entrepreneur” brought up many great points about the wonders of being an entrepreneur. Those great points, in fact, for the unfortunate entrepreneur can be ten great pitfalls. Let me demonstrate: 1. Be Your Own Boss. This everybody’s dream, but it […]

The Top 5 Ingredients of a Successful Teenage Webpreneur

This is a guest post by Alex Papa. The core definition of an entrepreneur is someone who assumes the risk of starting a business venture. An entrepreneur is a risk taker, but one who seizes an opportunity only after analyzing, dissecting, and calculating the potential reward over the potential loss. A teenage entrepreneur is no […]

10 Reasons You Should be an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can be one of the best decisions you will ever take in life but you don’t just jump into things without knowing why, this post will be listing 10 reasons why you should be an entrepreneur. 1. Be Your Own Boss. Nothing can be more frustrating than taking orders from the same […]

Bloggers Can’t Be Beggars But Can Be Chooses

This is a guest post by Daniel Lew Be Creative and Take Action I will give you an example if there is a beggar on the street with one arm, sure we all feel sorry for him, but I bet you if that same beggar with one arm was washing car windows at the traffic […]


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