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Entrepreneur Spotlight – Lye Kuek Hin

I love this community and my ultimate goal is to impact lives so I’ve decided to introduce a new feature on WritersinCharge, the purpose of this new feature is to showcase a lot of intelligent and creative entrepreneurs who are not much known but have a lot of value to share. It doesn’t matter if […]

Quitting A Few Steps to Success

I was reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich today when I came across two very important stories (see them below) that is about the reality in the lives of many entrepreneurs and individuals, these stories inspired me to come up with this post. A particular Mr. Darby was determined to dig until he comes […]

21 Ways to Get More Subscribers to Your Blog

One of the major mistakes I made when starting out as a new blogger was not focusing my efforts on getting blog subscribers, most newbies still make this mistake and when they are ready to increase their subscribers they don’t know how to do it. Your subscribers are your most important asset and even if […]

How to Deal With Criticism as an Entrepreneur

As a 16-year-old entrepreneur whose blog is constantly experiencing growth online one thing I’ve come to discover is that as long as you’re progressing you’ll always be criticized, directly or indirectly. Yes! There is only one way to avoid criticism completely and that one way is not to succeed. As an entrepreneur there are a […]

Social Media: A Great Way to Get More Eyeballs on Your Content

Getting quality traffic and views to your content is very critical to your success as a blogger. Making effective use of social media sites can be a great way to get traffic to your blog. When talking about social media sites, there are 3 major type of social media sites common among bloggers and internet […]


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