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How to Finance Your Great Business Idea

As an entrepreneur we all have great business ideas waiting to be established but one major problem most entrepreneurs face is the lack  of funds, they can’t just get their business going because they don’t have the funds. This post will be giving some great tips on how to fund your great business idea. Be […]

A Quick (and underestimated) Way to Generate Blog Post Ideas for Your Blog

Recently, I’ve been noticing the death of my posts, I see clearly there is no more life in my posts and believe me or not, as I used to say, I don’t need user feedback to know if my posts are great or not. There are several factors that can help you determine if your […]

Building a Great Brand for Your Business – The Blueprint

I was coaching someone about blogging yesterday when I decided to show him my stats and explain some things, my eyes caught what it has never caught in my stats and I discovered the power of having a great brand. I know I haven’t done much to build a great brand for my blog and […]

12 Sure-Fire Ways to Build Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

I recently wrote a post on building a seo foundation for your blog and a reader asked me to write about how to build backlinks. Believe it or not, backlinks are the basis of SEO – and not just any backlink, but quality backlinks. When trying to build backlinks to your blog there are some […]

How to Build a Solid SEO Foundation for Your Blog

One major problem I noticed among bloggers is their lack of knowledge and interest in SEO. Many people are of the impression that you have to be professionally trained to effectively know how to optimize a blog for the search engines, while this might help, it isn’t really necessary. I’m not a trained SEO professional, […]


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