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So You Think You Will Make Money Blogging? Read This First

Sometimes, you could keep on wondering why so many bloggers are poor even when they have a huge audience under their control, they have thousands of monthly readers, thousands of feed subscribers, a high level of blogging influence and all what it takes for a blogger to succeed but still they find it difficult to […]

The Definitive Guide to Keyword Research

One of the best ways to get traffic to a blog is by making effective use of SEO and SEO is all about keywords, if you don’t have the right keywords then your SEO sucks, this post will be giving insights into how to effectively research keywords for SEO. The keyword research tool used in […]

Using Logo Products to Build Your Brand

One really useful way to help build a brand of any kind is through the use of branded items and logo products. What are those? You know all those nifty giveaways at tradeshows and conferences or that big bucket of pens on the counter of your favorite local business? Yeah those are logo products. The […]

Spreading The Wings of Your Blog Traffic

I have been writing about blog traffic and subscribers recently because it is where the problem of most bloggers lies. There are two different types of traffic which I explain below. PS: Before I Continue, this post is only applicable to those who have solid blog traffic strategies in place, if you don’t then get […]

3 Great Marketing Strategies You Must Know

If you have been observing this blog for some days now you will discovered I have not updated it for the past four days (which is unusual), I actually travelled and I had no access to the internet where i travelled to, I am glad I am back and we will both enjoy ourselves. I […]


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