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10 Powerful Techniques to Generate Viral Traffic

There has been more and more written about viral marketing in the blogosphere with Glen Allsopp, an authority with his blog┬áviperchill.com, a blog that focus on helping people gain traffic through viral marketing. What is Viral Marketing? What is viral marketing? Viral marketing is getting people to spread your message for you willingly. Imagine you […]

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Making Money Online From Affiliate Marketing

One question I am asked regularly by people who are amazed by my rate of success online is “Who is my teacher?“, “Which online course/training did I join?” e.t.c. and I have always replied them with “none!“. …It used to be none, but it is no longer none. If you do read blogs, especially in […]

Getting Into The League Of Successful Bloggers

I have been blogging for sometimes now and I must tell you the journey has really been interesting. Even though I said the blogging journey is really interesting I have come across some new bloggers who feel disappointed because they think only successful bloggers can be successful. This happens most in the case of product […]

Interview With Super Affiliate Blogger Tran Tinh

If you read my latest post on why many will never make money blogging you will notice I said I will be interviewing a super affiliate blogger called Tran Tinh. Tinh was able to get almost 5000 visitors to his one month old blog and he also makes over $2000 consistently from affiliate marketing, only […]

SEO Basics That Every Blogger Must Follow

This is a guest post by Abhishek Saini from seekersfind.com, someone who knows his stuff when it comes to SEO. If you want to get your work in front of writersincharge’s readers, feel free to submit your guest post Last when I guest post here, I got an email to share my SEO basics on […]


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