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Happy Birthday to a Loving Mother

Today is really a great day for me, most importantly, for my Mother. Today, my mother clocks 51 and I just don’t know how best to help her celebrate it than telling it to the world ๐Ÿ™‚ The love of a mother for her children can never be explained, the love is so unconditional. It […]

7 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Know

Day by day, we see many people turn entrepreneurs. They all love to work on their own, they want to be their own boss. Many people want to leave the “shackles” of their jobs, they want to live an awesome life. But there are some things every entrepreneur must know, which if everybody trying to […]

How to Write Popular Posts That Get Traffic – Analysis of 5 Top Blogs

One of the major keys to blogging success is giving value, but sometimes, no matter how great your post is it still might not get the right attention. Using the right titles and writing your posts the right way can help you get far more results than you ever expect. This post will be analyzing […]

The Internet Marketer’s Guide To Keyword Domination

This is a guest post by CJ, A professional affiliate marketer. If you want to get yourself in front of the readers of writersincharge, you can read on how to submit your guest post Now I’m going to assume that if you’re here, you’re writing articles to make money and not just for the fun […]


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