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Great Reads From Around The Web

I have been thinking of what to write today and I just came up with a great idea, an idea of linking to 10 great posts I enjoy from all over the web. I might make this a weekly thing and this post will not link to big blogs only but any blog post I […]

Putting the Social Back into Social Bookmarking, Let’s Do it Together

This is a guest post by Kalen Smith, If you are interested in submitting a guest post, you can submit your guest post. We’ve probably all heard about the value of social bookmarking to promote their content online.  You may have heard some of the buzz and been a little confused by all the glamour […]

Are You Experiencing The Same Problem?

I have been noticing some things after upgrading to wordpress 3.0, I set my comments to automatically approve once a user has more than two manually approved comments but I will wake up to see comments even from people with over 20 approved comments waiting to be approved. I am noticing the same on many […]

How to Enable Email Subscription On Your Blog

After writing my recent post on how to arouse engagement on your blog, I tried implementing what I said in that post and I discovered many of my commenters don’t have email subscription enabled, this can be a great pain and since that is the best way I can keep track of blog posts (I […]

Are You Accountable to Yourself?

Oh! I wonder how this has to do with blogging or entrepreneurship, you think? Take this out of the equation and your blog and online business is at risk! Are you truly accountable to yourself? You start a blog and you keep working on it, you keep on going and you think that is all. […]


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