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Pls Accept My Apologies

I upgraded from shared hosting to VPS on the 18th of July due to some restrictions with my autoresponder script (it is limited to sending 250 emails per hour). After upgrading I discovered the shared hosting I was using before was even better than the VPS I upgraded to. I am using an In-house (self-hosted) […]

A Need For Change

One thing I noticed among bloggers nowadays is their copycat characteristic, just see a blogger do something different and in no time we will have a lot of clone of this particular blogger. Blogging is not how people take it and there is a need for a lot of test in order to have the […]

21 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Any Money Online

With the numerous opportunities available to make money online, many people complain of not making any money online. Whether you just started or you have been at it for years this post will be explaining some reasons why you are yet to make money online. 1. You Don’t Know How To! Many people believe that […]

The Ultimate SEO Guide to Dominating The Search Engine Rankings

I have been optimizing sites for search engines for quite sometimes now and one common notion I discovered among many bloggers and webmasters is that SEO is difficult, many of them even believe that getting pagerank is so hard – it is not as you think. I have been able to catapult some sites to […]

WARNING: Why Having a Back-End is A Must

In my recent post on making yourself a success, I got the following comment from Ming Jong: Hi, Thanks for highlighting some of the common mistakes made. I think it’s probably time to rethink the strategies I’ve used so far. Just one thing, you mentioned the back-end. I’m currently using RSS alone, and it’s not […]


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