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7 days challenge stopped….till further notice

I wrote a blog post about starting 7 days challenge #2 yesterday, I have decided to stop the challenge because of my forthcoming exam which will last for two months, I have to seriously prepare for the exam and also make sure that this blog lacks no content. The 7 days will rather be used […]

7 days challenge #2

Setting up challenges for oneself is one great way to achieve more, learn new things and perfect yourself. I started challenging my self two weeks ago, I will hold a particular challenge for myself, write about it on my blog so that I will dedicate myself more to it and the result is increase in […]

How do you get traffic to your blog?

The major challenge all bloggers face is traffic. Yeah traffic and traffic and traffic. Have a lot of it and an end has come to your suffering. I want to compile a list of “The Ultimate” traffic generation strategies, I want to deal with everything from a-z and I want to give you the info […]

Feed problem solved – This is what I did

I wrote a post earlier today concerning the feed problem I am facing. The feed was not delivering. After trying the best I can, I came across a post on quick online tips with details on how to solve the problem. I presently don’t I think I am in the mood to edit any code […]

A Big Sorry to all my Feed Subscribers

I discovered a problem with my feed yesterday. I tried commenting on some commentluv blogs and I keep getting an error message that “no last blog post to return”. I tried troubleshooting the error just to discover the problem affected all my feed subscribers and no message was delivered. Pls, In any way this has […]


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