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My New Theme vs The Old One – Which is your choice

You will notice a change on this site since the past two days, I just changed my theme. Before I continue… Many Thanks to Jonathan Beebe from make money online work – It was Jonathan who gave me this beautiful theme. I hardly want to miss any of His content because he has one of […]

7 Robust WordPress Shopping Carts

James came up with a great idea of 7 robust wordpress shopping carts. You might think of starting a membership site or selling a product, maybe now or in the future, then this post if for you. The days of selling your stuff through eBay and Amazon are waning. Whilst these are still valuable sales […]

One Single Action that changed my life…forever

I once wrote a post on one lesson the holy spirit taught me about blogging, but I know many people might not really get a thing clearly until they are told several times. This is not a personal development blog and it is not strictly about making money online or internet marketing, if that is […]

Marathon Guest Posting

I was reading a blog post recently on robswebtips.com – an internet lifestyle blog, the post was talking about how Rob will be starting a marathon guest posting for the month of may. I was inspired to start something similar, and if you all know Robs blog well, you will know the guy is very […]

7 Great tips for aspiring entrepreneurs

We are now in a world where we can no longer depend on education. We are now in a world where only the smart survives. I am an entrepreneur, we also have many great entrepreneurs who started from somewhere, with one great idea and they turned the idea into a multi-million dollar asset. Below are […]


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