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If I were to be approving spam…

Today’s post is somewhat funny, but you have to be unique in all you do. Everything should not just be work and work and work, there should be fun in what you do. I was reading the comments on a particular post (about blogging mistakes) on Webmasters Success, I came across a comment made by […]

4 Solid Reasons why you must not fight Your Blog Commenters

There have been many assertions/sayings that your blog commenters are not your loyal readers or simply put, your blog commenters are there just for eye-service. People who have this belief will back it up by telling you that your blog commenters will not subscribe to your mailing list and they will also not buy your […]

How to Install WordPress from Cpanel

I got a mail from one of my readers last week, He was asking me how he can install wordpress via Cpanel. I thought to myself, “why should this be what would just be said and end in a mail?”, I will need the use of images to explain better so I decided to come […]

My Blog Suspended For Hours – What a sad event

March 12 was a very sad day for me, a very sad one indeed. Why? If you all know me, you will know I am a blog addict and there is nothing I love as my blog. I wrote over 40 guest posts in march and over 120 this year, just because of my blog. […]

7 Ways to Boost Your Credibility

Before I get started I’d like to extend a sincere “Thank You” to Onibalusi, the main author of this blog, for allowing me to be an official regular contributor here at WritersinCharge. I write regularly at my blog, MMO Work, and I’m a big fan of what Onibalusi’s got going on here, so I’m honored […]


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