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7 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail

Why not get my free ebook on how to build a better website? We all know the internet is now full of blogs with so many bloggers trying to dominate the blogosphere, expecting luck to smile on them soon so that they too will become popular soon. It is very funny that the majority of […]

Blogging Problems and Solutions

I sent a mail to my list yesterday and asked them to ask me any question or share with me any problem they are having with blogging or make money online and I got some response from my subscribers.  Below is the message I sent. Hi First Name, How are you faring? I want to […]

MyBlog2Day Contest – Over $800 in Cash prizes and Premium WordPress Themes

There is a great Guest Blogging Contest Going on at Myblog2Day, The contest will result in People winning over $800 in Cash and Prizes. Here is a detailed post about the contest, how to participate and prizes to be won. Here are the sponsors and prizes they gave. Category A) First, Second, Third and Forth […]

Turning mediocre titles into diggable titles

Try to keep ‘em short and to the point. A short, powerful title will easier attract your attention than a sentence. The idea is to keep titles as titles and not turn them into a paragraph. For example: We will rather use “Aluminium Mule Shoes: How to Shod Stubborn Mules” than “The best ways on […]

The Top 5 Ways Bloggers Can Use the Power of Twitter

Blog writing has quickly become a very popular medium. Each day, hundreds of blogs are being developed. So in this sea of blogs, how can you stand out from the crowd? The answer is: through social media. Social media is changing the way bloggers can market their sites. As with anything on the internet, gaining […]


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