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Marching your way to blogging success

I am fast in nature, I am fast in walking, eating, drinking, typing, writing and in almost everything I do. I also want to make effective use of this my natural character in the online world. When I mean being fast, I mean achieving what took people years in months and what took people months […]

Monetize Your Blog by NOT Focusing On Monetization

This is a guest post by Jonathan Beebe from make money online blog How do you make money from blogging? Many ways, right? Let’s see, you can put up Adsense ads, you can sell ad space for a flat rate, you can recommend different products you’re affiliated with, or you can create your own. There […]

7 days challenge – how it went

I am very happy to tell you I am done with my 7 days challenge. It was really a challenge. I was able to write 16 posts during the challenge, I was not able to access a computer on Sunday which is one of the reasons why I didn’t complete the 21 posts challenge, I […]

7 keys to build a better website

The problems we face when starting a blog/website/business on the internet can sometimes be overwhelming that we even decide to stop along the way. I haven’t achieved what I call success when we talk about blogging but I understand the fact that things were a little bit easy for me than for others. How this […]

7 Things to do to Achieve Blogging Success

I have been writing posts similar to this in my guest posts, so I came up with an idea today, that why not write a post like this for your blog. NOTE: This is the longest post I ever wrote and In fact I don’t want everybody to read it, I only want those that […]


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