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10 Resources for Finding Well-Paying Freelance Writing Gigs

Having an abundance of well-paying freelance writing gigs you can apply for at will is a sort of unique advantage, and it’s something that instantly makes your work much easier as a professional writer.

Of course, there are several lists of sites that pay writers, including the recent list of 110 websites that pay writers published by Writers in Charge, but having something more recent and regularly updated can be powerful.

There’s good news. After some research, I have come up with a list of resources that feature the most recent well-paying freelance writing gigs on a regular basis.

Most of the gigs posted on these sites are vetted before they appear on the sites, since majority of the sites are owned and run by other freelance writers.

Check out the 10 resources below!

1. All Indie Writers Freelance Writing Jobs Board

This writing job board features high quality job postings, especially blogging related jobs, for writers in various niches.

Most of the jobs featured pay $50 – $100 or more, and a major feature of the site is that jobs are classified to be either very low pay, low pay, semi-pro or pro rate depending on how much writers stand to earn from the jobs featured.

You can also subscribe via RSS feed so that the latest jobs featured are instantly delivered to your feed reader.

2. Who Pays Writers

This site that has been in existence since 2012 and it regularly features top online media publications as well as how much they pay freelance writers.

While many online publications that pay writers won’t specify this on their site, Who Pays Writers is designed in such a way that other writers who have contributed to online publications for pay can submit information about the publications, including how much they pay as well as specifics about the articles they contributed.

Many of the listings in the archives of this site will benefit you, since most of the listings are for sites that have a permanent pay structure as opposed to sites that have a one-off gig.

3. Freelance Writers Den Junk Free Jobs Board

This one is on the premium side of things.

A lot of us are probably familiar with Carol Tice of the popular Make a Living Writing blog. Carol also runs a popular community for freelance writers called The Freelance Writers Den, and a major feature of this community is a section called the junk free jobs board.

Carol is a huge advocate of writers being paid what they deserve and she actively discourages writing for content mills or taking any opportunity that pay writers less than $50. Her stance is reflected in the Freelance Writers Den’s jobs board, and you will only find top quality offers here.

Again, the only catch is that you have to join Carol’s community, which costs a monthly fee; many members have reported getting thousands of dollars of gigs from this job board, but registration isn’t available all year round; it is only open once in awhile, and those who are on the advanced notification mailing list get notified first.

4. Problogger Jobs Board

This is a blogging jobs board run by Darren Rowse, founder of the popular Problogger blog.

The Problogger Jobs Board is one of the most updated resources for freelance writing gigs, and you’ll often find new gigs posted every day – sometimes, several times daily.

The writing gigs posted are in various categories and most of the gigs pay really well, but there are the occasional gigs that pay peanuts as well, so you sometimes have to filter those ones out.

You can subscribe to the job board so that you are instantly notified about new offers in your feed reader; there are also options to subscribe to different categories of job postings in case you do not want to subscribe to the main job site.

5. Writing Career

This is is massive resource for writers who want to earn top dollars mainly writing for magazines.

Every single day, multiple writing opportunities are posted for various magazines that pay in the range of $100 – $1,000+ per contribution.

Occasionally, they feature sites that accept articles for publication online, but their focus is on offline magazines.

Their postings include a full description of the magazine and topics it allows, the length of the article required, how much you will be paid for an article and for how long the offer will be available.

The site has 4 main categories; fiction, poetry, anthology and non-fiction, and there are numerous offers available in each category.

With an average of 2 – 4 postings on a daily basis, this is one very useful resource for any freelance writer that wants high paying gigs.

6. Worldwide Freelance Markets

This site has a database of over 2,500 paying markets, updated on a regular basis.

They have opportunities in over 55 countries and they have gigs for writers in the travel writing, children writing, Christian writing and women writing markets among others.

You have to pay a nominal fee to access the full list of writing markets they have but you can access up to 500 of the writing opportunities in their database for free.

7. Freelance Writing Gigs

This is a site dedicated to compiling and publishing a list of the best freelance writing gigs posted online almost every day.

They scour Craigslist and various other freelancing job sites to look for well-paying freelance writing gigs, and they share the writing opportunities with their readers.

8. FreelanceWriting.com Freelance Writing Gigs

The popular FreelanceWriting.com also has a section featuring gigs and freelance opportunities for writers who want to get paid.

While most of their jobs categories are syndicated from sites already featured on this list, two of their unique categories are the “Paid Writing Gigs for Freelance Writers” category as well as the “Writer’s Guidelines Database“.

At the time of writing this article, their Writer’s Guidelines Database features guidelines for at least 839 publications that pay writers in at least 55 different categories.

Their paid writing gigs for freelance writers category also features dozens of freelance writing gigs, mostly blogging opportunities, updated on a regular basis.

This site and the resource it provides should be in the arsenal of every writer who gets paid for a living.

9. Whisper Jobs

Whisper Jobs focuses mainly on magazine writing jobs.

The jobs posted are grouped into 4 different categories; Full-time job, Paid internship, Temp/Freelance Job, and Unpaid internship.

The site has a feature that allows you to filter the listings based on the type of jobs you want.

10. The Write Jobs

This site is different from the others in that, instead of posting freelance writing gigs, it only posts offers for real writing jobs – mostly full time writing jobs that require you to have a physical presence at an office on a regular basis.

It isn’t updated as regularly as the other sites referenced above but, this is your thing if you are looking for a full time writing job instead of a freelance opportunity.


EntryLevelWriter.com seems like another great site that scours the web for writing opportunities and posts them on a regular basis. A reader emailed this site to me a couple of weeks ago but it’s been around a week since it was last updated, otherwise it would have been on the main list. It’s a great site to keep tabs on, though!

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