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Earn Your First $1,000 as a Freelance Writer – Challenge Announcement

Freelance writing can be tough, and there seems to be a lot of “experts” and “gurus” these days who claim to know what’s best for you but are not willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Things change really fast, and I realize that it might be more difficult to succeed as a freelance writer today than it was a few years back when I started. In an attempt to demonstrate the effectiveness of what I teach, and as a way to help you get results, I contemplated starting a challenge where I go from ZERO to $1,000 monthly within two months.

So, feeling a bit crazy on the 2nd of June, I posted the following message to the Writers in Charge Facebook page:

Challenge Facebook Post

Honestly, when I posted that message to Facebook I thought that very few people will respond and I might not even have to bother myself with the challenge. I was wrong. A LOT of people decided to take me up on my offer, and I was overwhelmed by the response.

Within the first few days of posting the Facebook message, 400 people had responded that, YES, they want me to do the challenge. That’s A LOT of interest!

At the time of writing this, there are over 460 responses.

Even though I’m an experienced freelance writer, the thought of doing this is a bit scary; there’s the very real possibility that I will fail… but won’t that be fun?

While I’m very confident about my approach, at the very least I’ll be announcing this challenge to about 30,000 Writers in Charge subscribers. That means, if I fail, at least 25,000 people will watch me fail — the thought of this is a bit scary! 😉

Regardless, I’m doing this, and I want you to follow along. I’m confident in my abilities and what I’ve been teaching on this blog, and I want to demonstrate that my techniques work through this challenge.

Currently my plan is to turn a ghost — a figment of my imagination — into a successful freelance writer that earns at least $1,000 in monthly freelance income within a month or two. In the process, I’ll be laying it all bare — my strategies, exactly what I’m doing and when, etc. — so you can see what I’m doing. I’ll be documenting the whole process on this blog; you’ll see when (and how) I get my first client, the rates I charge, the nature of the work I do, etc.

My plan is to create an identity to use for this challenge, but a reader made an interesting comment on Facebook when I announced my intention to start this challenge (see her comment below):

Laura challenge comment

I thought about Laura’s suggestion, and I think it could be fun too.

With that, I’m considering one of two approaches:

1. I create my own “newbie” identity and use it for this challenge

2. I select a beginner, randomly, from within the audience and use that reader for this challenge. If we go with this option, the reader has to be an absolute beginner; in other words, the reader can’t have a writer website or any other foundation as a freelance writer. I’ll handle everything.

With option two, I’m going to select someone who basically is just starting as a freelance writer and has nothing that can lead to success. I’ll then handle everything — personally — and make this person a successful freelance writer.

Ultimately, it is up to you. You simply have to vote to decide which of the two options you prefer: do you want me to create an identity or select someone from within the audience?

If you decide that you want me to select and use someone from the audience, I will let readers volunteer their identity (more on that later). I’ll then select someone randomly.

You can cast your vote in the Facebook group for this challenge.

If I will be using an identity volunteered by a reader, there are a few terms though:

1. I’ll only be going with a complete beginner; if you have a writer website/writing business already, you can’t volunteer your identity — even if you aren’t making money yet. The idea behind this challenge is to show that anybody can succeed, so I want to use someone who doesn’t already have a foundation. I also want to control everything right from the start and show my readers exactly what needs to be done and the rationale behind it, so this is important.

2. I’ll be taking charge of the whole process; If I use your identity I’ll be the one registering the website, doing all the communications on “your” behalf, etc, for the duration of the challenge. You won’t have access to anything (including the website and email address) except what is publicly revealed; you’ll also only be able to watch as a part of the audience. Your only involvement — during the duration of the challenge — is that you allowed me to use your identity for this challenge. There’s a silver lining though. I explain below.

3. There is a silver lining; after this challenge is over, if I happen to use your identity, I’ll be handing over everything I built from this challenge to you (minus the money earned of course! 🙂. This includes the site I created, social proof built and clients acquired… at no cost to you. I’ll transfer everything over to you, and I’ll have you change the details; I’ll no longer have access. It is YOUR business now. As a reward for volunteering your identity, I’ve basically built the foundation for you.

As an added incentive, if I use your identity, I’ll offer you two months of coaching to ensure you’re able to cope; this way, you don’t just “lose” everything after the challenge. Instead, you’ll have training and support from me to ensure you have a thriving freelance writing business even after all is said and done.

In short, if I use your identity you own the following things from this challenge:

  • The website created
  • The clients acquired
  • The articles/media acquired
  • All accounts and passwords created with your identity as part of this challenge

I also believe it is worth saying that, if you volunteer your identity, your identity will ONLY be used for this challenge and nothing else; that said, I won’t require anything too personal. Basically your name and headshots/photo will do.

4. If I happen to use your identity, you are giving me permission to feature you in my promotion messages, case studies, articles and guides released on this website (paid and free). No sensitive information will be revealed, but I will have to show people the emails I sent as a part of the challenge, actions I took, etc, and that I means I have to reveal the identity I used (that’s basically a screenshot showing messages/your profile). If that’s you, you’re giving me permission to showcase the process I used as well as the success I achieved using your identity for as long as I want.

So, that said, it is up to you; do you want me to create my own identity or use someone from the audience? You can vote on the Facebook group for this challenge.

Click here to vote now!

5. I’ll give the audience about a week to vote, then I’ll officially kick-start the challenge by announcing my strategy. The 60 days will start counting when I reveal my strategy.

You Can Also Participate in this Challenge

I want to take things up a notch! I want this to go beyond me being an actor and you being a spectator; I want us all to be equally involved.

By the time this challenge is over, I want as many people as possible — who followed along — to also have their own successful freelance writing careers.

In essence, I want you to watch what I do, understand my rationale for doing them and apply the same to your freelance writing business. At the end of the 60 days period, I want as many participants as possible in this challenge to have a thriving freelance writing business.

So, here’s what you can do to participate:

1. Don’t miss an update. This is very important. I’m taking a strategic approach to this and all the steps are important; you will see why later on during the challenge.

In order not to miss an update, you should do the following two things:

I’ll be making most of the announcements related to this challenge in these two places.

2. Do exactly what I do. Don’t add, and don’t subtract. As you will see, I’m taking a strategic approach to this.

Right now, I already have a strategy designed to achieve my goals; basically, this is a blueprint I’ll be following to a T, and I’ll be revealing my strategy at a future date.

I can guarantee that you’ll get results if you do things exactly as I do it.

3. Do not hesitate to ask for help. This blog currently has about 30,000 subscribers. I get A LOT of messages, and I reply to VERY few… because I can’t reply to everybody. This blog is just one of my projects. I have many projects — including but not limited to my offline businesses, my freelance project, academic pursuits, etc, and very limited time.

However, for the sake of this challenge I’ll be opening up access to myself for the duration of this challenge. For as long as this challenge is on, I’ll be answering questions RELATED to this challenge on the Facebook group.

It is important to note that I will only answer questions related to this challenge, and I can only guarantee a response on the Facebook group.

How do you know if your question qualifies? Simple: if it is a question about something I did, or asked you to do, in this challenge, it qualifies. If you’re having a struggle doing anything I did or asked you to do in this challenge, you can ask on the Facebook group.

Here are the most essential things you need to know about the challenge:

1. I’ll determine the issue of identity to be used for this challenge based on your vote. Your vote will determine whether I create an identity or whether I randomly select a beginner from the audience. You can vote on the Facebook group.

2. You have to sign up to the special newsletter I created for this challenge in order not to miss any update.

I will be making challenge-related announcements to the challenge-specific newsletter before informing my main newsletter, and, sometimes, if there will be a conflict with the existing blog content schedule, I’ll be making an announcement only to the challenge-specific newsletter. Without being on this newsletter, there’s every possibility that you will be missing updates related to the challenge.

Click here to sign up to the challenge-specific newsletter.

3. Join the challenge-specific Facebook group.

Now, I’d like to clarify something: When I initially announced the challenge to my list, I got several replies from people who told me that they have had to delete their Facebook account, so there’s no way they will be visiting Facebook. That is understandable. See, I hate Facebook too; in fact, I have a plugin in my browser that limits my daily activity on Facebook to about 20 minutes or so. It’s also been a very long time since I went to the Facebook homepage; I simply go directly to my blog page, and to important notifications and comments that concern me.

However, Facebook will be a core part of this challenge for so many reasons:

  • With around 1.7 billion users, half of all internet users are on Facebook.
  • It is the only way I can manage the interactions, and from what I’ve seen so far there will be a lot. If not because of client interaction, and the fact that I have to use email for outreach and to respond to customers, I would have stopped using email long ago. I don’t LIKE email. It’s that simple!
  • I’d have gone with blog comments but it is not centralized. Also, one of the main reasons I disabled comments on this blog is spam, and that hasn’t changed since I made my decision years ago. I might open comments on a few posts here and there, but it will be mainly disabled.
  • It creates a sense of community; other people can easily respond to your queries, so it doesn’t always have to be me. Seeing others share their successes, and difficulties, will make it easy for the whole community to succeed.
  • It makes the challenge fair; since the Facebook group will be a closed group, and I have to personally approve all applicants, the challenge process will be fair. It’s difficult to balance keeping you updated and giving the profile I create more exposure than is necessary; my really good posts on this blog can get as much as 10,000 views the month they are published, and they get indexed and ranked real quick too. I don’t want that to create an unfair advantage. I’m estimating that maybe a few hundred people will join the group. That ensures people can still follow along and see what I’m doing, and that the identity gets only the exposure it deserves — by being exposed just to writers who want to follow the challenge.
  • That’s what I want to use.

That said, I can understand if you’ve sworn never to visit Facebook in your life. That’s understandable, and by all means don’t. You will still glean a lot of value from the updates on this blog, and you can stay on the newsletter too — I’ll share key information there that I won’t share on this blog. You will still benefit. The main sense of community will be on the Facebook group, though; it’s also the only place I can guarantee a response to user queries in relation to this challenge. You might get it via email too, but most likely you won’t.

Unfortunately, that’s how it is now and I don’t intend to change it; I believe that’s what is best for this challenge at this stage.

Here’s a summary of what you need to know:

  • I’ll either be creating an identity or selecting an identity to use from the audience depending on your vote. It’s up to you!
  • If the majority vote that I choose someone from the audience, I’ll randomly select a volunteer and will only need a name and headshot/photo to build a profile.
  • If I use your identity, you will get everything from the challenge (minus the earnings) at the end of the challenge. This includes the site created, clients acquired, etc.
  • If I use your identity, you will allow me to mention/feature this fact in my blog and elsewhere for as long as I want.
  • I’ll be making most announcements to the challenge-specific newsletter (sign up here) and the Facebook group (sign up here).
  • I’ll be announcing the identity used on the Facebook group. Not on the blog.
  • You can not only follow the challenge, but you can also participate. Simply follow my journey and do the things I do, and you should be on the right track.
  • I’ll be answering questions related to this challenge on the Facebook group.
  • You have about a week to vote; after that, I will announce my strategy and officially kick-start the challenge. We’ll also start counting the 60 days then.

I Want Your Feedback

I’m doing this for you.

I have a stable and very successful freelance writing career, and I’ve been doing this stuff for around six years now. I don’t doubt my ability. The point of this challenge is for you to benefit, so I want it to be shaped exactly how you want. If there’s anything you want altered in my approach above, please comment below and let me know. While I generally disable comments on Writers in Charge, I’m leaving them open on this post. Let me know what you think, as well as what you’d like to see and what you wouldn’t like to see in this challenge.

-Bamidele Onibalusi

CEO, Writers in Charge

94 replies on “Earn Your First $1,000 as a Freelance Writer – Challenge Announcement”

Ibitoye Ayodejisays:

This guy is my hero I swear,one day I will pay you to teach at my events

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thank you! 🙂

I am looking forward to participating in this challenge. I am a total newbie and want to be a total participate in the gig economy.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

It’s great to have you on board Jim!

Just don’t use the persons identity. Let a newbie try and just coach him. If you do it is not good because it has taken you 5 years and you can quickly connect. Without that I will still doubt its integrity. Let someone raw do it and just coach. That way, we can verify the true picture.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thank you for that suggestion, Jay. A lot of people have suggested the same, and I will definitely consider it.

Super excited to see this challenge unfold and to learn great lessons from this exercise!

Hey Bamidele, you are a real inspiration to me. Whatever I am doing online today is as a result of someone mentioning your name casually on a forum. I read about you and took action immediately. I have not bought any of your products before. I only read your blog and I want to thank you for everything.

It is very rare to see a successful person going through all these stress for FREE just to see another person succeed. I love your heart.Thanks for offering yourself to us.

Concerning this challenge, I am totally with you and will follow you to the end of it by God’s grace. I already joined the list and requested to join the group.

You are the best.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Hi Adeyemi,

Thank you for the kind words. It makes my day whenever I hear comments like yours 🙂

It’s great to have you on board for this challenge!

Best Regards,

So bad I can’t express my joy fully in words. So happy you are doing this for us (your audience). All I say is a big thank you.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thank you too, Betrand. I appreciate your support 🙂

I’m feeling quite excited about this challenge. About ten years ago I was working as a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and copyeditor. It was nowhere near full time work, but I met some interesting people and felt a lot of satisfaction doing the work. I got sidetracked with life and this year jumped back into the business, taking on a job rewriting a military memoir. Super fun work. But I have this sense of doubt and a general lack of confidence in moving forward as a freelancer in a more substantial way. Thank you, Bamidele, for offering this opportunity to see a pro in action. It may be just the thing I need to get going!

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Hi Karen,

Thank you. I’m also very excited about this challenge!

I can totally relate to how difficult it can be to get back on track after a break; I once took a blogging break for about one year, and it wasn’t easy at all to get back in form after then. Compared to that, ten years is a long time!

I hope this challenge is just what you need, and I wish you the best in your freelance writing endeavors.

Best Regards,

Wow cant wait to see how…will be following you every step of the way…hoping am the beginner that will be use as the guinea pig…No website,18,non native english speaker,paypal dont even allow payment into the country…how much worse can the odds get.

I think this challenge is perfectly timed! I’m just starting out as a freelance writer and am trying to establish myself. I’d love to join in!

All I can say is “I’m in !!” I can’t wait to start!!

I am really looking forward to this. Finally some help!

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

I won’t disappoint you, Jean 🙂

This is awesome! i Look forward to finding out which ends up winning.

Complex Compassays:

Hi. This is a great idea. I am glad that I found this blog. I am not using Facebook but I will use the newsletter. I have a question related to your challenge: When you will use that identity and you will have your first client how can you be sure that your client doesn’t read this blog and he doesn’t know about the challenge? Any client tries to find out everything about the freelancer that works for him. In what way your real identity will be secret? Thank you for your time. Good luck with everything.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Perfect. Yes, this challenge will be mainly approached in such a way that I am the one actively soliciting clients, and not vice versa. I don’t think that will be a problem.

Complex Compassays:

Thank you for your answer. I will make the same steps and I can’t wait to see the results. It’s a great thing for all of us. Thanks.

Amos Onwukwesays:

Nice step I must say. I prefer you select a random subscriber while the whole lot of us observe and participate from the flanks.

I’m excited about this and how it will benefit my about-to-begin freelance writing career. Glad I came in right on time.

I swear I can’t Wait for this. I really want to learn how to go about this. I finished high school last year and am a science student. I want to be a surgeon but I love reading and writting although I dnt have much experience. So even if am not picked I believe this challenge will help me horn my writting skills. I also run my a blog “House Of IamFrankola” you can check it out here and am currently working on a new One which is name Journal Of A Black Nigerian Boy on overblog.

Eze Samuelsays:

I am volunteering my profile. 🙂

Bamidele Jamessays:

Wow!, comes very handy as I’m about starting a freelance writing business/career. Bamidele, my namesake, you are indeed a Selfless icon and indeed a model, to your Success, I salute. I’m fully participating in this challenge alongside with you, I feel dedicated to this challenge already , I hope I’m able to achieve or near achieve my first thousand dollars within 60 days as well. Kudos!

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thank you 🙂

verolian opiyosays:

Bravo,this is an eye opener initiative that will greatly change the future of the current freelancers.

You are a real inspiration, Bamidele. I too am excited to follow along and learn. I have only had minor success as a proofreader. If that qualifies me to be your ‘test dummy’ (!), great. If not, just happy to take every step alongside you and accept this great challenge.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thank you Kate. I’m happy to have you on board for this 🙂

This sounds so great. I signed up for the email newsletter and just sent a request to join the FB group. Can’t wait for this, as this is exactly where I am now: no website, no online presence, nada, and I’d love to see how an experienced freelancer goes about doing it. Thanks so much for offering to do this!

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Perfect. It’s great to have you on board Jordan! 🙂

Sarah M Hallsays:

The challenge itself is an intriguing idea, but if you use a real person’s identity, I’m concerned about the clients’ reaction when/if they find out the person they hired is not who they thought. I think most clients would fire the newbie immediately. Since you’d be entering into legally binding contracts with these clients while pretending to be someone else, it also might raise issues of fraud. I’m a retired attorney, so that’s where my mind goes. This should not be construed as legal advice. Do get some legal advice before you choose this option, please.

I had similar thoughts, Sarah. Glad you posted this.

Thanks, Karen. I hated to throw cold water on a plan so many are so excited about, but I’d hate even more for Bamidele and his newbie writer to have unfortunate consequences. Bamidele is a great inspiration to many. We appreciate his generosity in sharing his expertise and certainly want all to go well!

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

That’s a very valid concern, Sarah.

I’ve actually done a similar challenge before with a pseudonym; although I made it clear to clients that it was a pseudonym, and they had no issues with that. That said, working as someone else is an entirely different issue.

One reason why I’m easily comfortable with this is that I work as a ghostwriter for many clients, so the concept isn’t really new to me. However, it can be a bit tricky when things are handed over to the newbie as you rightly said.

I appreciate your feedback and advice, and I will definitely be getting legal advice before commencing this. Thank YOU so much for your kind advice and concern 🙂

You’re very welcome, Bamidele! I understand what you’re saying about ghostwriting. I do mostly ghostwriting myself (and find it frustrating sometimes not to be able to tell all my friends, “Look at this fantastic blog post I wrote!”–but, c’est la vie!) All the best to you–you rock! 🙂

Great idea Bamidele, the newsletter is okay, but how about using another group platform other than Facebook.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Adoption is a key issue. Facebook has widespread adoption compared to other platforms, and joining the group is as simple as requesting an invitation. That makes things much easy.

Ajagbe Bolajokosays:

What an inspiration you are Bamidele.So self-less and generous with information.I am game with this challenge as I am about getting into Freelance writing.I would prefer you use a newbie.I pray I get chosen(lol).God bless you for this idea of yours.Gracias!

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thank you 🙂

I am very interested in this challenge, and i hope you’ll succeed so that we will learn to copy your success!

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thank you 🙂

Nice one Bamidele. Look forward to the strategy reveal and the challenge success. I’d use a fictional character though. A newbie being handed a pro writing business without experience could be disastrous further down the line.

Yes, if Bamidele does all the work and then hands the newbie the business, I can’t imagine the confusion, not to mention the legalities involved.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

That’s a great perspective, Robbie. It’s a point a lot of other people have raised too, and I’ve decided to revise my strategy accordingly. I’ll be making an update soon 🙂

So excited to witnessing this challenge! I hope you’ll decide to select a new starter from the audience. It’s not my case, but I will definitely be happy for that person.
I’ll keep an eye on all the process and will also try to follow your steps. Thanks for the opportunity, Bamidele 🙂

I’m an experienced writer but still very interested in following this. An exciting moment for all of us. It may reveal new ways for me to earn more or attract better-paying clients. Kudos Bamidele and may you be abundantly blessed

ohhhh that’s very good…i want to be a part of your team and try to attempt….keep it up

This is indeed a nice initiative. As a to-be “fresh graduate” from the university in a matter of days, I’m really interested in this challenge and hopefully will follow it to the core. I hope with this challenge I’ll further learn more about freelancing which I hope to delve into, and become a better writer.
Indeed, writers are in charge!
Gracias Bamidele.
You rock!!!

Personally, this challenge is going to help me out. I have been eager to know how to pitch smartly for my website.

God bless you Sir.
Most times, I think that internet business people just want to rip others off, but here, I see true and selfless service.

Again, God bless you Sir Bamidele!

Oh wow! Awesome idea Bamidele! You’re one of the few topnotch freelance writers/expert I look up too!

Hats off to your willingness to help newbies like me! I’m excited and I’m IN for this challenge! 😀

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thank you, Lailanie. It’s great to have you on board 🙂

you are the greatest. Much appreciated, in a world where making money is a priority. This could have easily have a been a chance to make money for you but instead you chose to show us for free. Plse keep it up.

I would love to be a freelance, full time writer and would appreciate learning the ropes from you. I am a newbie with lots to learn.

Having spent a small fortune on writer courses, I totally agree with you when you say most of the advice being dished out is pure fluff….a whole lotta coulda’ shoulda’ woulda’ without any specifics. Well of course I should try looking for clients on LinkedIn and Twitter…but HOW????

What did you type into that search box, what made you select a profile, how did you frame your first mail, what success rate did it have? Yes, I know I have to do the work, but when the gurus say “course” it usually inspires an image of a road map with way-points, not try this, maybe that, it’ll work…I dunno. These questions plagued me for a very long time until things fell into place after a ton of trial and error.

Having taken the long hard route of trial and error, it would be great to see a real expert in action.

Cheers man & thanks for sharing your knowledge!


Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Very valid points, Parth. Very valid points!

Thankfully, a huge component of this challenge will be the support — in form of the Facebook group — and hopefully that will make things much easier to accomplish for those following.

I really want to participate in this because i am also on this race on making a thousand dollars by the end of July.

Perfect timing I have to agree! Very thoughtful and selfless of you as well!
Freelance writing as compared to years back is sharply in contrast to what is obtainable today, especially for new writers just starting out. If it is not the usual “native speaker clause,” then trust it is of “demography” which often times is not always in the favor of those of us down here. Even so, some of the job adverts would even state it bodly that newbie writers should keep off, not to even make mention of scammers that have flooded those freelancing platforms of which newbie writers unfortunately become their prey.
It brings me joy to know about this challenge. It brings me joy these issues will get attention. Perhaps it got to be time my freelance writing career got dusted.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Indeed, the stereotypes and discrimination are there. The purpose of this challenge is to show that this can be overcome.

I am in 1st option, because I have no writing experience not to talk of
making any money online, So, I will like my identity for this programme

Fantastic! I’m waiting with bated breath.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Wow, Mr Bamidele, I’ll be really grateful if this could come live very soon, it will surely help everyone of us struggling to get into the freelance business, but I have a question though.
Are you going to make this process you take in achieving this goal into videos so we won”t only read, but also watch??
Thanks for your time..
more power to your elbow.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

You’re welcome, Joseph. I haven’t considered making this into videos yet, but we will see what happens later down the line.

Big value here. A step-by-step process. Looking forward to it Bamidele!

Will your pen name sound white? I wonder if that would make a difference. I have a hunch that it would. Wooo white privilege… Hurray for us and all our successes… It’s so easy, right?

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Haha, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I won’t delve into the issue of “white privilege”; it might make things easier, yes, but not being white doesn’t make success impossible. I’m proof of this fact.

That said, the purpose of this challenge stands: let people see that it is possible, and show them how it is being done. I’ll do my best to make things practical and relatable for people from all walks of life, though.

Great idea!

Taryn B. Morvillosays:

Your “First $1K” experiment is the most inspirational, relevant, and practical experience you could offer your audience, Whether you “win” or “lose” doesn’t matter nearly as much as the fact you are answering YOUR OWN “Call to Action”! Bamidele, the bravery, generosity, and passion demonstrated in your choosing to step up to this challenge speaks volumes about your character, your mission, and your integrity as a person and as a professional.

But the integrity of using a newbie is a concern – from a legal standpoint. I’m actually really confused about it, and I think it would very important to know what you learn if you decide to look into doing it this way. I mean, ghostwriters are everywhere, right? Essentially, that is what you’re doing – right up until you hand the business over to the newbie. Then, it gets complicated… I know many successful writers work with writing coaches, several types of editors, and lots of popular content-driven businesses outsource large portions of their writing work to virtual assistants or other freelancers all the time, right? So where does one draw the line, legally?

I think that the advice to consult qualified legal counsel before pursuing this path was excellent advice.

That advice is worth repeating. And not just for Bamidele – seeking qualified legal counsel would benefit any of the many, many people who are understandably excited by this unique and highly valuable opportunity to work with Bamidele in this capacity.

Regardless, thanks so much Bamidele – I can’t wait to see how this goes. Stay awesome!

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thank you for such kind words and support, Taryn!

The legal aspect of this is a very valid concern; I work with many clients as a ghostwriter, and I’m used to having other people take over my work so I don’t see this as much of a problem. It can be tricky if the clients are later handed over to the newbie, though.

I’ll be seeking legal advice before continuing with this, though. I appreciate your kind support and concern 🙂

Best Regards,

This is a brilliant and I must say very timely idea. I’ve been considering concentrating on freelance writing full time and this challenge is a timely learning opportunity for me to acquaint myself with the prerequisites needed for a freelance writer. I’m looking forward to the experience. Thanks Bamidele for this noble initiative. This is very thoughtful of you.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

You’re welcome, Becky. I’m glad to hear that this is very timely for you, and I’m excited to see how it all turns out.

Honestly, man, you’re doing more for freelance writers who are just starting out than all the other so-called “for freelancers” sites combined.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Ha, coming from Karol himself. I’m flattered. Thanks bro! 🙂

You are an inspiration, Oni! This is probably the first big thing in freelance writing.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

You’re welcome, Sudheer!

Dear Bamidele, thank you so much for this challenge! I see it launching a lot of people into more serious business within a short definite two months.

Regarding which personality to use, I’d go for a thoughtfully created avatar based on your readership; someone that would typically need this challenge most, or that the challenge would impact most. For example, are there people among your regular readers that have “genuine” reasons for still struggling to make good and regular income after all this while? You might even want to consider ‘Bamidele’ himself pre-success. All the odds odds that he overcame.

Whatever you decide though, I wish you the best. Can’t can’t wait to participate.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Hi Prophet Tops, it seems we’re seeing the same vision… lol 🙂

Thanks for the suggestion regarding the avatar; I’m also carefully looking into this. Considering that my audience is a mix of native and non-native writers, it’s indeed a delicate balance. I’ll do what’s best for the readers and not what’s easiest for me, though.

It’s great to have you on board!

Aren’t we all missing the vital point here? I believe the point of this challenge is to show that any newbie can apply these principles and succeed- nu Bamidele – you are the one applying these principles yourself + regardless of the new identity. New website etc. It’d in you. Its the same you applying tried and tested principles
The real chalk is I’m the REAL newbie (one More) applying the principles and succeeding. Thats the integrity. THAT’S REAL.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Hi Ijay,

Can you please clarify your comment?

I’m assuming that you’re saying it’s better if a newbie does this? That’s basically the aim — just this time around the whole group will do it instead of just one person. However, my participating is simply to act as a roadmap and SHOW how it’s done instead of simply SAYING “do this or do that.”

Best Regards,

Bamidele, the real challenge is in a real newbie following your tried and tested principles and succeeding – not the same you, under a new identity and website. Let’s get real. This is bound to work – there’s no real challenge here. You have done this for six years – pls consider coaching one or More real newbies – that’s real. That’s the challenge..

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

That’s a valid concern, Ijay. Thanks for making your voice count.

There has been a lot of debate on the Facebook group that was created for this challenge, and what you see here in this post is just the barebones version of things. It is more refined in the group, and there will be a lot of updates there that won’t be here.

I’ll be posting an update on how this will be done later this week.

Best Regards,

Anup Karmakarsays:

Awesome. I’m super excited to see results.

Hi Bamidele,
I initially voted that you should select a newbie so that one lucky person can benefit from your work. However, after reading all the feedback since then, I feel you should create a new identity. All the people in your FB and newsletter group can emulate your actions and gain from your wisdom and experience. This will simplify the whole process and prevent any legal and other complications. I hope this helps. All the best and thanks for the help, guidance, and inspiration you have provided and continue to thousands of us.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Hi Rohi,

I was also expecting to select a newbie, but it’s much better to have the group do this together. That will indeed simplify things and ensures the highest possibility of the challenge succeeding.

It’s great to have you on board!

Best Regards,

I am really giddy with happiness. I have followed this blog for some months but I have been too immersed in school activities to do anything useful. Thankfully, I will be writing my final exams this week and it’s such a beautiful coincidence. I consider this challenge my graduation gift. Thank you Bamidele for this opportunity. I am grateful.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

You’re welcome, Dalyn. I’m glad this came just at the right time 🙂

great Bami, you are such a wonderful soul to come up with an idea like this… simple advice is that you follow your heart and give your own idea which is geared towards empowering writers……and take US all to the height of becoming successful freelance writers…….like you said, you had done such before without issues….legally or not. Please follow your heart and inspire all of us into becoming successful as freelance writers….


Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thank you! 🙂

I joined in this challenge’s newsletter subscription and Facebook group.

Though I know my English has no grammatical errors, I always hesitate to pitch for gigs in English. I want to know that the clients look only for native speakers or they also happy for basic English writers, too?

Consider my point too in your process. Can I keep up the spirit of making a career in freelance writing?


Bamidele, thank you, you are really helping young writers like myself. I am glad to be one of your students.

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