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make money writingDo you know you can make money writing online?

The internet is one of the most powerful tools ever invented and a lot of people are rushing online everyday to learn how to earn a living. There is no doubt countless ways to make money online but writing for others is one of the most lucrative ways to make cool money online.

With other kinds of online ventures, it can take you months or years to start earning, but with writing, you could start making money a few weeks after starting, as long as you know what you’re doing.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new writer or an already established writer, the online writing market is always in need of new skills and approach and those who earn more are those who are ready to learn and implement. This page will be listing some of my best advice on how to make money writing. Read them, implement them, and start making money writing today.

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3 Resources to Help You Make Money Writing

If you want to make money writing you need to get as much actionable tips as you can implement. I have great experience with making money writing and have made tens of thousands of dollars by writing for others. Below are some of my best articles, resources and tutorials on how to make money writing. They will be updated regularly.

1. How I Made $5,000 in One Month by Writing for Others

2. Stop Pitching Clients: My System for Getting Clients to Come to You by Starting a Blog

3. 9 Essential Lessons I Learned in 8 Months of Writing for Income

4. 5 Mistakes Crippling Your Writer Website

5. 110 Websites that Will Pay You to Write

6. 4 Ways to Earn More Without Marketing

Start Writing for Money, Instantly

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    I’ve just started reading the Writer’s Handbook. And the first thing I have to stay is that the background makes it very difficult to look at the pages.

    The text reads from left to right (west to east) as you’d expect. But, there is a very distracting pattern of concentric lines behind the words (northwest to southeast) that may look good on paper, but interfere with the message.

    This problem needs to be fixed straightaway.

  • Elena @ Make Money

    This sounds like a brilliant idea! I like the fact that you can supplement your blogging income by writing articles for other people/companies. I will try to follow your tips and find clients to write articles for. Thanks for sharing your valuable info!

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    You are say true. My site do not approved google adsense. If i am a good writer must take change.


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