Case Study: An Inside Look into My Most Successful Guest Posts

an inside lookYou’ve probably been reading a lot lately about guest blogging and everybody keeps on preaching how effective it is, including those who have hardly ever used it.

Since the main aim of this blog is to teach you how to write for traffic and money it is my duty to regularly show you effective ways to generate traffic to your blog by writing, and not only show you, but also show you the results you can get by implementing these tips with as much transparency as possible.

Guest blogging isn’t something I’m new to – I’ve been using it for almost 2 years now but I’m still surprised to see that many people are yet to embrace this powerful traffic generation tactic.

Many people will tell you that guest blogging works but they hardly show you any hard data to prove their statement. In today’s post I’ll be going back to the start of this blog and I’ll be showing you the results from some of the most successful guest posts I have written till date. I’ll be showing you screenshots of the traffic i got from these guest posts, the key metrics that make this traffic great and also one little known secret to ensure you quadruple the amount of traffic you’re getting from every guest post you write.

My 5 Top Guest Posts

I have looked into some of the best guest posts I have ever written and I have selected 5 great posts from among them. See for yourself below how powerful guest blogging can be!

1. 0 to 1500 Comments in 4 Months – This is What I did

maxblogpress guest blogging traffic

The first guest post on this list is a guest post I wrote for and it was the first most successful guest post I ever wrote. I got over 1,000 unique visitors to my blog the day this guest post went live and my blog also became one of the most popular websites as ranked by Alexa for that day. It was beyond my wildest imagination to see these happen, especially considering the fact that I average 80-100 visitors daily when the guest post went live.

Here are some key facts about the guest post:

Total number of visitors: 783

Average time on site: 3 min 4 seconds

Bounce rate: 40.74%

Number of comments on guest post: 38

Average number of subscribers gotten from guest post: 250

2. 3 Tweaks that Helped Double My Blog Traffic Almost Overnight

problogger guest blogging traffic

This is one of my more recent guest posts on Problogger and also the guest post that sent me the highest number of visitors. Even though I expected to get great traffic from that guest post because it is very unique and untypical I didn’t expect that much traffic from it. The great thing about the traffic isn’t just the number, but the conversion rate in terms of subscribers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers and reader email messages I received.

Here are some key facts about the guest post:

Total number of visitors: 1308

Average time on site: 3 min 32 seconds

Bounce rate: 37.54%

Number of comments on guest post: 74

Average number of subscribers gotten from guest post: 400

3. How I Started Making Thousands of Dollars from My Blog in Less Than 8 Months

dailyblogtips guest blogging traffic

This guest post was published on DailyBlogTips in April and was also well received by the community there. One great thing about the guest post is that it still keeps on sending me traffic today even months after it has been published.

I also got great traffic from this guest post and I’m very happy with the quality of the traffic.

Here are some key facts about the guest post:

Total number of visitors: 546

Average time on site: 3 min 27 seconds

Bounce rate: 40.66%

Number of comments on guest post: 25

Average number of subscribers gotten from guest post: 150

4. How to Write Blog Posts That Go Viral

smartpassiveincome guest blogging traffic

It has always been my dream to get published on and I was very happy when this guest post of mine went live on it. The blog has a great community and I knew the post will be well received and will end up bringing in a lot of traffic.

Like the other sites above, I also got great traffic from my guest post on SPI and the quality of the traffic is amazing.

Here are some key facts about the guest post:

Total number of visitors: 996

Average time on site: 4 min 35 seconds

Bounce rate: 34.44%

Number of comments on guest post: 83

Average number of subscribers gotten from guest post: 200

5. 101 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks To Your Blog

shoutmeloud guest blogging traffic

This is the last example in this case study and it is also a guest post quite different from all the other guest posts in this list.

The guest post was published on and it was warmly accepted by the community. I also got great traffic from the guest post and I still get traffic from it to this date. In fact, while you might only see 300+ visitors in the screenshot above (I’m only displaying screenshots for one month of traffic) that guest post alone has sent me over 1,000 visitors.

Here are some key facts about the guest post:

Total number of visitors: 347

Average time on site: 2 min 15 seconds

Bounce rate: 72.62%

Number of comments on guest post: 52

Average number of subscribers gotten from guest post: 100

Catch a Trend?

Do you notice a trend among all the above guest posts? If not, it is better if you reread this post, and probably the guest posts themselves.

If you take a closer look at guest posts 1 to 4 you will notice that they are all case studies both directly and indirectly. All those guest posts were giving examples of how a particular result was achieved. In the case of the first 3 guest posts the examples were from my blog, but the fourth guest post used the blogs of several highly successful bloggers as examples.

The above are my most successful guest posts, and the little known secret I was talking about that can help ensure you get more traffic to your guest posts is to start writing more personal case studies. Most of these blogs get a lot of guest posts submissions so if you can show people how you achieved a particular result in your guest post they will be more inclined to see for themselves by visiting your blog and in the process will become life-long fans.

Guest Blogging Works

One thing that is very obvious from the results of my guest posts displayed above is that guest blogging works!

The truth is that there will always be guest blogging myths (oh! I wish I had written an article on that!) but I wouldn’t pay too much attention if I were you. That was the exact same reason why I decided to use results ranging from early 2010 to mid 2011.

If you take a look at the above guest posts then you will notice that I got even better results from my guest posts this year than last year.

The only factor that will determine how much results you get from a guest post is how useful the guest post is and how useful the resulting readers find your blog.

Let Me Help You with Guest Blogging

Finally, if you’re a small business, a startup, or a brand looking to move forward online with guest blogging, you’re making the right choice. Guest blogging is a smart way to build your brand, get traffic, and improve your search rankings. It is also my specialty. Get in touch with me so we can discuss!

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About the Author

Onibalusi Bamidele is the 17 year old founder of YoungPrePro. Follow him on twitter here.
  • Irfan@RealTimeTricks

    Nice post Oni. I remember the day i asked you to write one post containing your guest articles link and here i got similar one. Is it the one i suggested you to write? :P

    • single beds with storage

      Irfan… May be oni forgot that…

      • Irfan@RealTimeTricks

        Yeah! Maybe :P

    • Onibalusi

      Hi Irfan,

      It’s actually not going to be that effective to publish the links to all my guest posts (there are over 600 of them) but I believe this article can also be very helpful.

      I’m really glad you enjoyed reading it :)

  • Karla Campos

    Hi Oni, my most popular guest posts seem to be tutorials which I come up with after I have solved some situation. The more mind torment I experience the better the guest post lol, but mind torment doesn’t matter because I love guest blogging! I’m actually working on one about FB tagging at the moment and inspiring to one day pop out 10+ guest post per day like you : )

    • Onibalusi

      Hi Karla,

      I’m always glad to see you comment here :)

      You’re right about guest posts that solve problems being a huge success – in fact, that is the key to blogging and marketing success. Give people a solution to their problems!

      Concerning the FB post, feel free to let me know as soon as it goes live so I can help you spread the word about it :)

  • Mark @ TheBitBot Organic SEO & SEM Blog

    Case studies fall under the category of “original research” which has been commented on before by Matt Cutts as being one of the keys to SEO success.

    This post serves as confirmation of that.

    Good job Onibalusi.


    • Onibalusi

      You’re right about that Matt! The more informative your blog posts are, the better results you’ll get from them, and the best way to serve great information is through the use of case studies.

  • Tom

    Great post! I’m amazed at how much you write. It seems like every day or every other day I see a new post from you. Keep it up.

    • Onibalusi

      Aha Tom,

      Writing is my business so I guess it’s never too much…lol :)

  • SEO Company Los Angeles

    This is great information! Who do you usually have guest blog… Do you have any tips on how to approach someone to write a post for your blog?


  • Michael @Blast4Traffic

    I can’t wait to get my guest posts featured on problogger. I love the blog and have been following it since 2010. You’ve really become guest posting expert and there is so much more to learn from you.

    Some of my best guest posts brought in 200+ visitors. Although, they are not as popular as the above mentioned, I intend targeting the A-List blogs soon.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Michael Chibuzor signing off!

    • Onibalusi

      Hi Michael,

      That’s really great to hear!

      I think 200 visitors from a guest post is quite impressive!

      Sure, feel free to give Problogger a try and let me know as soon as you get published – I’ll be sharing the guest post as a compliment for implementing my tips :)

  • Tony @ Investorz’ Blog

    Thanks for the great tips! I’m going to write a post titled “how I lose 10% of my investment portfolio in 3 months”, inspired by this post!

    • Onibalusi

      I’m pretty sure you’ll get great results from that!

  • Ana | how to build a list

    I have to agree, the case studies and guides bring the most traffic to my site too. My Google Plus tutorial was a huge hit last week. I have also seen the results of guest blogging in bringing traffic to my site.

    • Onibalusi

      Hi Ana,

      That’s really great to hear!

      Case studies work really great and it is bound to bring great results whether it is a guest post or not. I see you write a lot of great case studies on your blog :)

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the article!

  • Trung

    Very detail and inspiring about guest blogging, Olibanusi. That emphasize about the benefit of guest blogging. Thanks for great post.

    • Onibalusi

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article Trung! I can’t wait to see you start using guest blogging for marketing your blog :)

  • Sarah Russell

    I think case study posts tend to perform better all around, whether you’re using them on your site, in email or as guest posts – so it’s not really surprising that they’ve done well for you in this way.

    But dang, dude – looking at those graphs reminds me how much better I need to be about doing guest posts in the first place! Congrats :)

    • Onibalusi

      You’re right about that Sarah!

      I really can’t wait to see you start guest blogging :)

  • Gideon George @ Personal Development Blog For Nigerians

    This is an inspiring post Oni, I read your guide too and it’s very powerful. Honestly speaking I always get temptation to blog in the int’l market every day because guess posting will help me grow and build a brand too. But my main passion is to help Nigerians. I have huge value to give to Nigerians so I am sticking to it.

    Nice one

    • Onibalusi

      Hi Gideon,

      You have a point!

      I think it’s all about knowing where your market exists and capitalizing on it!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  • sokun

    I’ve only got 1 guest post

    • Onibalusi

      Make it 2. Make it 3. With time you will see you’ve written far more guest posts you can count!

  • Edgar

    I personally haven’t had that much success from my guest blogging, so i think i’m going to work more on it. I also think that your very unique and personalized writing helped a lot in those posts.

    • Onibalusi

      Thanks Edgar!

      BTW I love that you’ve started using a gravatar :)

  • Udegbunam Chukwudi

    wow! I’ve written guest posts in the past but never got any eye popping traffic from them. I have a case study in mind that I might just push to one of these blogs to see how many traffic is affected in the long run. Awesome post man ;)

    • Onibalusi

      Hi Bro,

      That’s great to hear.

      I can’t wait to see how the guest post goes!

  • Childrens Cabin Beds

    Oni…Its always good to learn form an expert and in guest post you are master!!!

  • Himanshu

    great posts. will be reading these guest post too.


    Another interesting insight. Thanks.

  • Jarod Billingslea

    “so if you can show people how you achieved a particular result in your guest post they will be more inclined to see for themselves by visiting your blog and in the process will become life-long fans.”

    This reminds me of the line “People want results; not feelings!”

    • Onibalusi

      Aha, you’re totally right about that!

  • Jarod Billingslea

    from the movie “rise of the planet of apes”

  • six figure income

    Great post, you deserve your success you write very well. I have read quite a few of your posts and been on your site a few times. I agree that showing your success to others helps them build confidence in you. Everyone wants to know what I will be making and how long it will take and you are showing them.

    I am not there yet with being able to share successes but working towards that every day! I am curious though how many hours you put into this on a daily basis?

    Great article thanks for the insight as to creating a Great Guest Post.

    • Onibalusi

      Thanks Lisa! I really appreciate your supportive comment :)

  • Atish

    You are just the best Oni. Loved the insights. God bless you

    • Onibalusi

      Thanks Atish :)

  • Examportal

    Nice info Oni.. Well i too want to make some guest post soon and see the difference!

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    I love this insight into a powerful tool for guest blogging,i wish to learn more more so thanks for the time taken to show it,God bless you…..

  • Olawale Daniel@Technology Blog

    Love this idea. You listed the top five guest post that you have written since you started blogging some months ago, that is really great and this ideas help. Nice share :)

    • Onibalusi

      Thanks a lot for the support bro :)

  • fazal mayar

    really wonderful post, i also wanted to guest post on maxblogpress after seeing the stats of your guest post. :)

    • Onibalusi

      Aha, let me know how the guest post goes :)

  • steam cabin

    Your this post has shown the magical power of guest post.I want to know what is effect of this traffic on your affiliate products?

    • Onibalusi

      I’m not a kind of “affiliate guy” so I don’t monitor the effect of guest posts on affiliate sales. I think SEO is the best way to generate traffic for affiliate sales, and for this you need links which can be easily achieved through guest blogging.

  • Samuel@Outdoor Kitchen Equipment

    Hey Oni!
    I really admire and appreciate your firm and well fabricated hard work,I wanna congratulate you for your great achievements and profound success with your guest blogging idea.Graphs were really appreciable.I do believe that Guest blogging works and works in a miraculous way.Thanks for sharing your admirable journey of your success with us.

    Good Luck and God Bless!!

    With Regards!
    Samuel Joshua.

  • Siddharth Goyal

    Hi Oni
    Your website is really inspiring. And this is pretty powerful data to show guest blogging works. I have so far shied away from guest blogging but I think I am going to start doing it now. Any tips on how to approach blog owners so that your post will be accepted? Or is it purely dependent on the post itself?
    Do advise.


  • Mike Poynton

    You have to be one of the hardest working people I’ve ever encountered. God is in the details.

    • Onibalusi

      Thanks Mike :)

  • kalyan

    Hello Oni, once again a good post. I am regular visitor of the blogs where you have already guest posted. I have read your articles there and also subscribed to your blog too. Indeed, you do a great job. You may have attained a brand name and when blog owners see your mails with guest posts, they just can’t help accepting them. Good to be at that stature. Congrats for this.

    One suggestion I seek from you, this may not relate to the guest posts rather to the approach. When approached to a blog admin, most of the time, the mails are caught in the spam folders and they are not noticed by the admins. How to reduce this? I write plain mails with just a request to make a guest on the theme the blog owner has but it seems, they are not hardly noticed as I replies from them, say, after 2-3 months and they say my mail was in their spam folder. This is indeed frustrating. Do you send mass mails requesting for guest posts or did you send in your earlier career? Better, if you can put light on this.

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  • Cristian Balau

    Getting so much traffic and potential long time readers is definitely worth the trouble in writing a high quality post and publish it on another blog. I’m not gonna lie here, I never did quest posting before, the problem is finding people with blogs that will let you guest post. But never the less, its seems to be one of the best promotion methods out there.

  • atwinemugume

    Thank you for the information. It was really helpful, someone had told me of a secret in this thing..but I had doubted. Thank you.

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  • Tyler Herman

    Really, that is not very much traffic at all. I’ve heard of a few people pulling decent traffic from guest posts, but they are regulars, posting on the same high traffic blog every month. Leaching a steady stream of traffic.

    But I guess if you are getting subscribers out of it, that is the important thing.

  • Tim at IMM

    Good post, but the guy in the graphic looks like a criminal on the lookout for the cops! LOL

  • boykalbo

    I tried guest posting before and it works.. its a good way also of getting backlinks aside from visitors

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