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How to Market Your Blog

effective blog marketingA lot of bloggers have several techniques that can help them generate traffic to their blog and many of these bloggers invest their time and efforts in these techniques only to remain on the same spot. After putting a lot of effort into trying to build a successful high traffic blog to no avail they start thinking it is impossible to build a successful blog or that they’re not getting things right.

What many bloggers don’t know is that there is a HUGE difference between trying to get traffic to your blog and marketing your blog. That’s why you will see that the most successful businesses in the world today don’t just try to drive customers and make sales, they do their best to market their business.

You can easily do a thing or two and drive 10,000 visitors to your blog but at the end how many of them will stick? And if you’re not careful it can be another waste of effort. However, when you start focusing on marketing your blog instead you will start getting visitors that stick and on the long run you won’t need to lift a finger to get traffic.

Every great brand/business should have one great goal, and that is to have a solid business that will be marketed by the customer. There is nothing bad in marketing at first, after all you’re trying to bring yourself into the spotlight, but after spending a lot of time building your blog if it isn’t in a stage where traffic can be coming without you doing anything to drive traffic you need to reconsider your approach.

This article will be giving you tips to help you market your blog, effectively.

Create a Good First Impression

good first impressionA lot of bloggers create a bad impression about their blog to their readers before these readers know them and the funny thing about this is that hardly anything can change that first impression.

In most cases, when readers visit your blog for the first time they expect to be able to learn from you, they expect you to be the solution to their problems but when you leave them with an impression of you trying to milk everything they have from them you will never be able to gain their trust again.

That’s why you should be very careful with how you plan to monetize or get traffic to your blog. For example, if a reader visits your blog for the first time and sees close to 20 ads on your blog or if the reader starts reading your first post and starts to see a lot of in-text ads they can become really frustrated.

To build a great blog your number one concern should be your readers, and this means you have to scale your approach towards them. If you want to make money from your blog you have to do it in a way that isn’t offensive to your readers, if you want to drive traffic you should do it positively in a way that attract positive visitors who are interested in hearing from you – spamming forums to get traffic won’t leave a reader with the best impression of you.

Having a good first impression also has to do with you doing your best to answer reader requests. You need to let your readers know that you will always be there for them no matter what they need and once they see that they can trust you it won’t be difficult for you to move forward.

Create a Unique Presence that Can be Felt

create a unique presenceEven if you are able to create a unique first impression about your blog to your readers there is still no guarantee that they will stick with you. Why? Because all of your readers won’t stick but you can easily do something to be in their mind forever, for good.

If I start asking you to list some of your favorite blogs I’m sure you will be able to list 2-3 blogs. It isn’t that you don’t read other blogs but these blogs you so much love have done something to win your heart, and that thing is to create a presence that can always be felt.

The #1 thing to do when trying to create a presence that can be felt is to create a great brand. I mean an unforgettable brand. This means you have to do something entirely unique that will make sure you’re always in the memory of your readers, some of those unique things you can do are:

Have a Unique Design: As a blogger the design of your blog is its overall look. It is the only thing that can differentiate your blog from every other blogs in the blogosphere and that is why you need to start investing all your efforts into getting a professional design. Using a free theme won’t be the best thing to do if you want to have a great presence that will always be felt by your readers so you should be able to sacrifice a few bucks to buy a good theme framework like the Thesis Theme or the Elegant Theme and you should then hire a custom designer to help you tweak it to have your look.

What matters is you having a different look from every other blogs in the blogosphere. This way it will be very easy for your readers to always remember you.

Have a Professional Logo: Your logo speaks a lot about you and since your header is the first thing a lot of readers will see when they first visit your blog you can easily captivate their attention by having a great logo that speaks well of your business. You shouldn’t just use any logo, you should use a logo that communicates what your blog is about to your readers. In this case you can easily hire a professional designer to help you with this. I’ll personally recommend LogoNerds if you want something professionally designed by an expert.

Have a Great Tagline/Alias: The next very important thing you should give more attention to is your tagline because it speaks a lot about your blog and makes it easy for first time visitors to know what to expect from you. Your tagline should be able to describe what your blog is about with as few words as possible.

Let Your Content Speak for You

content speaksYou can do as much as you want to spread the word about your blog but the only secret to marketing your blog without lifting a finger is writing great content. In this case it wouldn’t be you marketing your blog but your readers.

To every blog there is a unique set of readers and it is your duty as a blogger to understand the uniqueness of your blog and your niche and what your readers would like to learn. This means you should be paying close attention to their comments, to their tweets and you should be doing your best to always be where they congregate. If your readers spend most of their time on a particular big forum it will be in your best interest to also be a member of this forum so as to see what is the thing that bothers most of the members.

Everyone aims towards building a blog that markets itself and the only way to achieve this is by writing content that people want to read. If you want to have a better idea of what content your readers love to read the most then take a look at the top blogs in your niche, take a look at the top forums, make use of Yahoo answers, and most importantly solicit reader feedback.

Collaborate with Other Bloggers in Your Niche

collaboration - networkingIn every area of life there are groups and associations and no matter how small or big these groups are they often consist of some of the influencers in that field. The same also applies to blogging and it is all about you understanding who you are and who you can hang out with.

Try to hang out with bloggers who are in the same level as you, do your best to be chatting with them regularly, link to their blog posts when relevant and always do your best to tweet and comment on their blogs. This way you’re building a group of blogger who will be happy to link to your content and feature you when needs be and who you can also get in touch with in the future should you decide to launch a product and do something special.

Links control the web and the more bloggers you could make friends and collaborate with the more links and traffic you can get on the long run.

By collaborating with bloggers I’m not trying to say you should be contacting bloggers for a link or asking them to be friends. We all know our true friends. There are friends by words and there are friends by deeds so instead of being a friend by words try to be a friend by deeds. When a blogger sees you tweeting all of his/her blog posts, commenting on his/her blog, linking to him or her regularly on your blog the blogger will have no doubt about you being a friend and he/she will happily return the favor on the long run.

Drive Traffic

While I said in the start of this article that there is a great difference between driving traffic and marketing a blog I’m not trying to disqualify the importance of traffic in marketing. After all, no marketing is complete without traffic.

The above are just a few things you can do to prepare your blog for the traffic you’re about to get, once they are in place the next step to take is to start marketing your blog effectively. I have talked a lot about getting traffic to a blog recently on this blog so I wouldn’t repeat myself. To learn more about how to get traffic to your blog you can easily read this comprehensive article I wrote on it.

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35 Comments on "How to Market Your Blog"

  1. Tom says:

    Great post that can be summed up with these five keywords – design, logo, bloggers, niche, and of course first impression. I don’t tink you could have written this any better.

    Thx for putting this together. It’s always important to remember the basics.

  2. You made some points that I really liked:
    1) There’s a big “difference between trying to get traffic to your blog and marketing your blog”. I believe the moment an online entrepreneur understands this, they’ll make a big leap BECAUSE traffic getting is only but ONE part of business “to dos”.

    2.)”…if it (your business) isn’t in a stage where traffic can be coming without you doing anything to drive traffic you need to reconsider your approach”. That brings the need to have a traffic generation strategy that includes long term traffic sources – not only the ones that get sporadic, immediate bursts. However, long term traffic strategies take time to implement but your post emphasizes the need to make them priority SO that one can have time for other business activities.

    3.) “A lot of bloggers create a bad impression about their blog to their readers before these readers know them…”. Ileane’s basicblogtips blog recently published a post on the need to leave a legacy as a blogger. Some blogs use their blogs to ‘discuss’ others or criticize others without care for the kind of impression that would make on first time readers who didn’t know them before . They may lose potential customers and businesses, without even knowing it.

    Great points in this post. Good job, Oni, as usual.

  3. Haru says:

    im agree with all of this..great post oni..

    when we have a unique-design, logo and writing(content), people/readers will keep coming whether to read previous or the new posts 🙂

  4. Pratap Reddy says:

    Getting traffic and make use of that traffic for marketing of blog requires effective strategies .The points revealed are very essential to be followed by every one who want to market their blogs and to become successful blogger.I personally still have to follow some points.Thanks for sharing the detailed analysis.

  5. Tikyd says:

    I think that marketing a blog/brand could lead to a bigger impression than driving traffic to a product or something that can be found in other places. I think that the reason why visitors may stick could be due to the fact that they recognize your uniqueness.

  6. Teckna says:

    I have been thinking of hire a professional designer for my blog, I think I will try LogoNerds, thanks for the tips.

  7. Reseller Hosting says:

    Yes Oni this is an old saying that first impression is last impression.

    Also the point you raised of 10,000 visitors with no plan is really a waste of time, till you don’t know how to drive them crazy towards your site/blog.

    and the firs impression image is…

  8. Gerald says:

    Oni my brother each one of your post can be an eBook. It’s that well thought out. Proud of you.

  9. Sonia says:

    This post certainly lays down the ground work both for new bloggers just getting started and also bloggers who have already started. Very valuable content written with great clarity. I appreciate this post.

  10. Edgar says:

    Landing pages are probably your first step to acquiring a new potential customer. They are like post titles, if you can grab reader’s attention and leave a good impression in the first contact, then there will be a great chance that they’ll stick with you. Thanks for the advice

  11. Ranjan says:

    Really Oni….first impression is the last, so we need to be alert and spend more time to make the blog outstanding at the starting.

  12. Calvin Mac says:

    Great read Oni, I’m just getting into the blogosphere and I can already see who has a greater presence around the web and who doesn’t. I do however seem to find that everyone essentially has the same content but just a little tweaked. Given that, I do believe it’s mainly about design of your website and first impressions mean everything. Great material here, Thanks!


  13. Kalen @ Learn Internet Marketing says:

    Very true. Also, you need to make sure that you spend your time reaching the right audience. Think about who you are reaching and make sure you are getting across to them. Many bloggers just care that they are generating traffic. Traffic is useless if it doesn’t convert, so find out who is really coming to your blog. Consider using tools like Alexa and Compete (along with Google Analytics) to make sure you are reaching the right audience.

  14. Adam Paudyal says:


    Yes indeed. First impression is usually the last impression and it couldn’t be more true for blogs.

    I strongly believe that content is of primary importance and design and all that stuff comes secondary while making that impression.

    Great read brother!

  15. Relationship Epert says:

    Any time you make any post, its always unique and i love it. I have learn so many things since i started following you. I just want to say thanks.

  16. Technology Blog says:

    Interesting reads, I love this awesome post. Thanks Oni for this.:)

  17. Prajwal Shinde says:

    Content makes or breaks a blog. A blog is not a blog if there is not useful content on it. Giving a great reader experience should be a primary goal of a blog. But a lot blog focus more on delivering all kinds of ads to there readers, which really frustrates a lot of readers. Once they are frustrated, they will never return to your blog again.

    Great post once again Oni.

  18. Nigerian Jobs says:

    your posts are always unique and i really think this site is awesome, thanks

  19. Adeniyi says:

    Hi Oni! I am visiting for the first time, but very happy to have found this site a good resource. I will surely be back for more. Thanks!

  20. abrablog says:

    Yahh, you write a good post. That was nice.

  21. Keeping in touch with bloggers of our niche is really a must one.It is good for both.

  22. TsarShu says:

    I think the proverb ‘fine dress helps to impress’ is very suitable for blogging. The first thing you have to do is to attract readers – by cool design, attractive tittles, etc. And then – by the content. As for me, first i pay attention to the layout and afte that – to the content.

  23. Nice article! I just watched the biography of “the Google boys” yesterday, and it also mentioned that the more Link your website has, the more rank you will be. Thanks for showing some directions, I will be flexing my web page now, hehe..

  24. Tonerboss Coupon codes says:

    I think the best marketing strategy that your blog can have is the quality of the content. If the articles are of good quality and interesting, the readers will stick on your blog and will surely return.

  25. GADEL says:

    I am quite inspired about your level of Internet success. Wow! Congrats! I am learning a lot from your blog. I am a new reader to your blog and so far your first impressions have be so excellent with me. Thanks again.

  26. RealTimeTricks says:

    I always love to read your Articles Oni. This one was inspiring like all your Article is. Thanks for the Article – Bookmarked for future reads.

  27. Thanks a lot Oni for this awesome post. Marketing is the best way to get your blog to your readers and some of the best ways to do just that has been analyzed in this blog post. Thanks a lot for this 🙂

  28. Good job Oni! This is a really good post of yours.
    I love it.

  29. Harsh Aggarwal says:

    I really like this post! You exactly know what to drive to the readers..Amazing Oni 🙂

  30. I loved this post! I linked back to it several times on my current post at

    • Onibalusi says:

      Thanks Jessica! 🙂

  31. Garima says:

    Thanks Oni, I love this article

  32. Rudra Rawat says:

    Love to read your awesome post.Thanks for the article

  33. Sayeed says:

    Awesome post, the best we can do is marketing the blog vis social networking sites because in present social networking sites are the brand ambassador of Internet Market

  34. Gurj says:

    Great post on marketing, gets straight to the point and doesn’t beat around the bush!


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