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3 Proven Ways to Generate Fresh Post Ideas

fresh green contentThis is a guest post by Aman Basanti.

Of all the challenges I face as a blogger, one that I have never fallen prey to is the challenge of generating fresh content ideas. In fact, my problem is that I have too many topics to write about at any given time. Right now, for example, I am working on 4 posts. My challenge is not coming up with post ideas but deciding which ones to pursue.

But given the number of bloggers who struggle to find post ideas and the ease with which I happen to generate them, I thought I would share some of the methods I use to come up with new post ideas.

1. Use stories

This is the easiest way to generate fresh post ideas without having to come up with original ideas. If you see, hear or read a story that helps pose a question or prove a point related to your niche or topic area, then use it in your post. Especially if the story involves a famous person or event, it will be attractive to readers. This includes true events as well as fictional events from movies, TV series and novels.

My post on the importance of hard work, for example, was hardly a new idea. But I used the story of how Obama uses hard work to look effortlessly stylish to breathe life into an otherwise tired idea.

Similarly, my post on familiarity breeds content was made fresh and new by using the story of how Margaret Thatcher used repetition to turn her otherwise radical ideas into conventional wisdom.

2. Dig deeper

Another way to find new ideas is to focus on a sub-topic. Say you want to write about guest posting. You could write a typical post on how to get guest posts, which has been done to death on the internet. Or you can concentrate on a specific part of guest posting like how to write a great guest post submission, or how to find a-list blogs that accept guest post using Google etc.

Similarly, you can write a generic article about why guest posting is a great way to build traffic or you can concentrate on how guest posting can help your SEO efforts, like Oni did in his article on guest posting and SEO.

3. Compile the views of multiple people in one post

With so many different voices on the internet, one way to generate post ideas is to compare and contrast the views of different bloggers and thinkers on a given topic in a post. NPR recently ran a post using this formula where they compared the views of 3 eminent scientists on climate change.

Alternatively, if you find multiple sources of information on one topic with each source concentrating on a specific area, put all those topics in one post and you can create a complete post. Copyblogger have used this formula to great effect with their ‘Ultimate Guides‘ series to popular marketing tools like Facebook and Twitter.

These are three proven methods to generate fresh content without having to come up with original ideas. They have worked for me, and they have worked for many other successful bloggers. There is no reason why they should not work for you.

Aman Basanti has written for a number of A-list blogs including ProBlogger, MarketingProfs and Business Insider. He shares his secrets to getting guest posts on A-list blogs in his new FREE e-book – Guest Posting Secrets: 25 Tips to Help You Get More Guest Posts. Visit to download it now for FREE.

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29 Comments on "3 Proven Ways to Generate Fresh Post Ideas"

  1. Rison Simon says:

    Perhaps the easiest way to create a new post is by compiling the views of multiple persons as you said in the last point.

    I also think reading forums and other blogs can inspire you to write fresh posts.

    • Yeh compiling the views of others is easy because you don’t have to write the content yourself, you just have to arrange it in a logical way that supports your point(s).

  2. I especially liked that last tip you gave on generating fresh post ideas. That works very well and it’s actually a way of connecting with these people whose ideas you used. In fact, I think I may use that very soon.

    I also like using news stories or popular TV shows as a way of introducing an article. This way, your introduction grips the reader because they know exactly what you mean, and can probably relate to it as well. Like you, I have lots of posts ideas in my head and written down. The hard part is to decide which one to do first.

    • Hi Anne,

      Good to see that you too are using these methods to generate post ideas. And you are so right, the challenge is to decide which ideas to pursue.

      Thanks for posting.

  3. TsarShu says:

    I like the tips about the stories as people are usually attracted by some celebrities or public figures and so on and it can be very beneficial for a blog. To go deeper is a good idea too, but at the same time you shouldn’t go too deep and make things too complicated to understand.

    • Yes people love stories, especially of famous people. Just think about it, the top selling magazines are to do with famous people.

      Yes one should be careful about ‘digging deep’ because you don’t want to get too complicated. But that is one reason why deep is good. Because there is so much content out there on the vague stuff, its good to target some of the more complicated stuff cuz there are people out there looking just for the technicalities.

  4. Michael @Blast4TrafficNow says:

    One powerful way I use to generate blog post ideas is to read other blogs that churn out quality contents. I’ve been doing this for ages and talking about writer’s block – I don’t think there is anything of such.

    It’s what you’ve inside of you that you pour out when you write. Reading can triple the positive thoughts going on inside your head and this could be priceless.

    I’m adding this strategy to help you also. Start reading other blogs, read quality reports, listen to audio clips and watch promotional videos from respected entrepreneurs. Your writing would improve dramatically.

    Thanks for sharing these cute 3 ideas. Good luck Aman.

    • Thanks for the tips Michael. I do read a lot – blogs and books mainly – and listen to podcasts when I can. Every single source helps.

  5. Rakesh says:

    Right now i am facing this problem. Your post have given me some ideas to write some great post for my blog. You people are always advocating about guest post. but i am not convinced about guest post. Can you help me in this case. Why we should submit our best work to someone else?

    • That is a great question Rakesh and one that deserves a great answer. So I will write a whole post on why guest posting is such a good idea – in the meantime you could check out some of Oni’s posts – he covers that in a lot of detail in some of his posts.

  6. Raj says:

    I think the first point is very effective. A story makes it easier for a reader to grasp the context and it makes it interesting for them. We could rephrase our existing content into interesting stories.

  7. Hi Aman. Good solid tips. I also don’t have problems with getting ideas, although I’ll run out from time to time because virtually I may use all the big subject I can talk about on that specific niche, so what then?

    • To be honest, I have never run out of ideas altogether. The most that happens to me is that I can’t find an idea that interests me to write about at any given time.

      One thing I do is create an ‘Article ideas’ list where I drop down all post ideas that I get. So next time I run out of ideas, I look through and I usually find one.

      The other really good idea is to start reading. I rarely get through a book without finding atleast 1-2 post ideas. Hope that helps.

  8. thanks bro.nice article with floating widget

  9. Kelli says:

    Very nice idea – to write on a sub-topic, rather than a broad, overdone topic.

  10. Extreme John says:

    You have such an interesting site. I can use some of your tips in my blog. Being a blogger means you’ve got great ideas in mind to be put visually to be able to share your topic or story with everyone else. Thank you very much for posting this article.

  11. great post Aman, i personally love the last point of aggregating all the content, it makes what you would call a super article!

  12. Richard S. says:

    I think the point of about using sub-topics is imporntant. We do a blog for our website and splitting up a single topic into 2-3 articles is important (especially during those times of not having alot of time to come up with fresh content). This can buy time while we develop new concepts. Visiting old topics with a new twist and expanding on sub-topics is very helpful.

  13. Work Online says:

    Content generation is the most important elements of marketing on the internet. This is the reason why bloggers need to learn the best strategies of creating content.

    Subscribing to top blogs in your niche is definitely one of the best tactics to use. This brings in the element of research which makes certain you are updated on the happening in your niche.

    Great content and keep them coming.

  14. lightweight vacuum cleaners says:

    Thanks Aman. I also find it hard to come up with fresh idea to write blog post regularly. This post will surely help me to get more fresh blogging ideas.

  15. Romy Singh says:

    Hi Oni,

    Nice post about gaining new and inspiring ideas for your upcoming post.

    When my writing bucket is empty of ideas to write about, i usually watch T.V to come up with some hot ideas for upcoming my blog post. if i’m not able to find ideas after watching T.v, then i move on and take a tour of my blog comments because some of best ideas to write about come up from our readers. i follow lots of way to keep my writing bucket full of writing ideas. if you want to know more about what types of ways i follow then you should take a look of my this blog post :

    I believe ideas are everywhere; we just have t know where to look for.

  16. Mark Aylward says:

    It’s really just a matter of concentration and thought. When I struggle for content, it’s usually because I’m just being lazy or that I can’t overcome some particular unrelated distraction. These ideas do help

  17. Jamie Northrup says:

    Thanks for the tips Aman, I can always use new ways to get inspired to write. Oni must use all of these and more to write as much as he does with all his guest posts.

  18. Yeah! I agree with you, judging by the spate of bloggers churning out “old stuffs” these days one as to be able to “think outside the box” when blog posting.

  19. Chadrack says:

    Must say this is the second blog post on this topic I’ve read today. Why the first have 20 ways, yours only have 3 and yours beat the hell out of the first!

    Your second point touched just on a post I’ve just written but bidding it’s publication. I think I will be using more of your tips. Thanks for sharing this.

  20. I also find it hard to come up with fresh idea to write blog post regularly. This post will surely help me to get more fresh blogging ideas.

  21. Sylviane Nuccio says:

    Great and to the point Aman. I have used number 3 a lot. Using other people point of view and debating it point by point can create a nice lengthy article with not much effort. I love it 🙂


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