10 Ways I’d Get Freelance Writing Clients if I Were to Start Again

freelance writing clientThe need for content online is growing everyday and as a result the market for freelance writers is increasing. The problem however is that even with the increasing need for content online and quality freelance writers a lot of writers still struggle to get clients. One thing I have noticed about freelance writing is that some people just seem to get more clients than they can handle while others find it difficult to get any. In my own experience getting the right clients is all about having the right tactics and knowing what you are doing.

I currently have more clients than I can handle and I keep on getting new clients request. If for a moment every single client I have seem to disappear, my name and online influence seem to go down the drain, my blog, traffic, and assets seem to vanish and I’m left with nothing other than my writing skills, below are 10 ways I’d look for freelance writing clients.

#1. I’ll Get in Touch With Bloggers to See if they Need Premium Content

You’d hardly see this published anywhere simply because a lot of people aren’t aware of it. I have personally observed that a lot of bloggers are very busy and will happily pay for quality content, and in fact, I’m planning a campaign in which I will start paying people to write for this blog very soon.

You might be wondering, why will top bloggers pay people to write for their blogs when they already have enough traffic to attract free guest bloggers? The problem is that a lot of guest bloggers submit crap content, and it can be sometimes difficult for top bloggers to moderate this. When they start paying people for content the amount and quality of the submission increases and they have more great options to choose from. Another reason is that quality writers are more attracted towards money than exposure so more great writers will happily contribute if there is financial compensation.

The problem with this is that most of these bloggers really need the content but will hardly announce it on their blog, Twitter or Facebook for that matter, but they tell those in their inner circle. Instead of waiting for them contact you (which might never happen), why not try contacting them to see if they are in need of someone who can be writing regular quality content for their blogs or any of their other projects?

It is also important to know that they will be more likely to hire you if you have recently submitted a quality guest post to their blog that had a huge impact on their traffic.

A lot of top bloggers need great content, ebooks, reviews and projects written or ghostwritten for them and you can easily make effective use of this opportunity by getting in touch with them first.

#2. I’d Start Using Freelancing Job Boards

While it can be very difficult to stand out and get any serious clients through freelance writing portals there are a lot of great and potential job boards that will provide you with great writing opportunity. I have personally noticed that online job boards provide more quality job offers and are less competitive than freelance portals. The reason for this is that most of these job boards don’t approve just any offer, and the job poster often has to pay to get his/her job offer listed so only people in need of quality writing jobs use these boards.

I’m not trying to say job boards will be a heaven of getting writing clients or the only place to look into when trying to get clients. While you can get a lot of great writing clients through job boards a large percentage of the offers will be completely useless and irrelevant to you so make sure you only apply for jobs you are capable of working on.

There are a lot of great job boards online but 3 great job boards I will happily recommend are the Problogger Job Board, Freelance Switch Job Board and the Blogging Pro Job Board.

#3. I’d Learn to Use Google to Search More Effectively

use google searchAlmost every internet user visits Google everyday and if only every writer I know knows the potential of this great search engine they will stop complaining about not having clients but will even start referring offers to people.

Google makes it extremely easy to achieve anything online, and getting writing clients isn’t an exception. You can easily make effective use of Google to get more offers by trying to master some of the key phrases that clients use to post their offers. For example, here are some common searches you can try when looking for freelance writing job offers.

“guest blogger wanted”

“freelance writer wanted”

“article writer wanted”

“quality writer wanted”

“paid writer wanted”

The keyword you use can vary and will be different depending on your needs and the kind of clients you want but make sure you try to be creative with your searches. Anything a client can use to post a job offer can help you land that client – so think carefully and creatively and start Googling for clients!

#4. I’d Focus on Improving My Current Skills and Gaining More Skills

I know this isn’t a direct tactic or technique to help you get clients, but something that can make a huge difference in how many clients you get and how much you get paid for your services.

The reality with getting clients today is that a lot of new freelance writers expect to get paid doing the basic writing they see every other freelance writer do. The problem with that is that there is a lot of competition already and unless you have built a great reputation for yourself very few people will want to pay you well to do that. The best thing to do instead is look for ways to improve your skills.

For example, do you know that many companies will pay you to help them write and publish high quality guest posts on other blogs? If you have great skills in guest blogging then it shouldn’t be difficult for you to get more clients and make more money in this respect.

In can list a million tactics to help you get freelance writing clients but in the end the number and type of clients you are able to get will be limited to the skills you have. Make sure you try to learn new skills that can boost your freelance writing portfolio and give people a lot more options whenever they want to hire you.

#5. I’ll Start Moving With Successful Freelance Writers More and More

When I started working as a freelance writer almost a year ago, I referred two of my friends online to my client, and they both made at least a thousand dollars by working with that client. This year alone I have referred several of my friends to some of my clients. I even turned down some writing offers and referred the fellow wanting to hire me to some of my friends. The end result, they got hired and are on their way to making their own thousands of dollars.

Sometimes, you don’t need to be a ninja at getting clients, you only need to be a ninja at networking with others and leveraging their influence.

If I were to start again as a new freelance writer I will start moving closely with a lot of successful freelance writers I come in contact with. I’ll always be there for them and let them know I am, and I’d also let them know my predicament and tell them I’m available for hire if they have clients that are in need of writers.

I talked to at least 5 people who wanted to hire me this month alone. I only worked with one of them. My point is sometimes I turn down some of them because I’m too busy. I turn down some of them because I can’t do what they ask and I turn down some of them because their budget is too low for me. The good thing with this is that the budget that is low for me is high for some other people and some people are fighting to get jobs when I have more than I can handle. The problem is that I wouldn’t just refer you to someone because I want to help you or because I want you to get a job. I’ll only refer you because you have the skills the fellow has, and because we are close enough for me to trust and recommend you.

If you could work on #4 (gain more skills) and then work on moving with successful freelance writers, the sky is the limit to the amount and kind of clients you can get.

#6. I’ll Start Focusing More on My Blog

focus more on your blogAside from the reply emails I get from my newsletter subscribers it seems I have been getting a lot more emails from people who want to use my services in one form or the other compared to readers asking me for help lately. That only means I already have a lot of potential clients in my audience waiting to hire me.

It doesn’t matter how small or big your blog is you have a lot more people waiting to hire you provided you have the skills they need.

If I were to start freelance writing again one major thing I will do is create a page on my blog telling people about the services I have to offer, promote the page throughout my blog, market my blog as if it is my only job and expect the traffic and clients to start coming in.

Another great thing is that the additional traffic your blog is getting from the search engines keep on adding up as your blog grows. The more visitors your blog gets, the more potential clients you have. Don’t waste that opportunity, don’t be afraid to ask, and you will get far more clients than you can handle.

#7. I’ll Start Using Guest Blogging More

This single tactic can make a whole lot of difference in you being client-less and in you having more clients than you can handle.

The reality is that you might not have a successful blog yet. You might not have that traffic yet, but there are a lot of blogs that have way more traffic than you need to be rich as a writer.

If I were to start again as a writer one major tactic I will use to get a lot more clients is by writing on other blogs. I’ll first work on creating a portfolio or a small site that shows I am for hire. I’ll then channel the traffic from all my guest posts to that small site – out of 100 people who land on that site, 5 or more people might ask to hire you, and that might mean a lot of income on the long run.

Don’t wait to build the perfect blog to start getting clients. Create a simple page on your blog or a small website with the focus of attracting clients. Submit a guest post that you believe is your masterpiece to a big blog in your niche and ask people to hire you in the bio. You will be amazed at how great that can turn out.

#8. I’ll Pool a List of Potential Clients and Ask Them to Hire Me

This method is a little bit different from the others and applicable to freelance writers of any level.

If I were to start again with no influence, no blog or traffic, no name, no contact or anything whatsoever the first thing I’ll do is research a list of some of the top online companies that might need a lot of writing. These companies can range from anything from Magazines to Blogs to SEO Companies. I’ll carefully research to see which companies need a lot of content to be produced regularly and I’ll contact a lot of them to increase my chances of being hired.

One of the most important thing every business needs today is content and there are a lot of companies willing to hire you to help them get a lot of it, all you need to do is find them. Make sure you do enough research to come up with a targeted list of every company you think really needs content. Try to send a personalized message to each of these companies telling them what skills you have, why they need content and how your content will help their business grow. If possible, show them some great samples of your work that have been published on your blog and other big blogs in your field.

Sooner or later, a lot of them will reply and if you have the right skills and you sent the right message you will get more people to hire you than you can handle.

#9. I’ll Target Blogs and Sites that Pay to Write Tutorials

write for tutorial sitesThere are a lot of big blogs and high quality websites that need a lot of people to write high quality content for them. Writing great tutorials and high quality content take a lot of hours and it can sometimes be very difficult, or almost impossible for most of these blogs to write great content regularly so they’ll happily pay others to help out with writing.

Look for big blogs in your niche that have regular authors. Look for big blogs in the graphics and design field that publish a lot of great tutorials from different authors. There is every probability some of these sites are paying their writers for their work and you can instantly contact them to see if they have an opportunity for you.

Sometimes you need to contact a lot of blogs to get the right offer, but if you are able to deliver great content regularly you shouldn’t have problems making a lot more with any of these sites every month.

In case you want examples of any of the above sites, some great examples are SmashingMagazine.com, 1stWebDesigner.com and PSDTuts.

#10. I’ll Focus on Getting More Clients and Businesses Locally

The reality is that there are a lot of big businesses available locally but are yet to move online. Most of these businesses don’t really believe in the importance of having a presence online or are not really ready to move online. You can get in touch with any such business in your area, preach the importance of having a strong presence online and let them know you can offer your writing skills to them.

The end result is that most of these companies will eventually move online and since they will need regular content written for them you will be the first person they will think of and as a result you will have little to no competition for the writing opportunity you can get from them.

With this kind of opportunity however it is important not to spread yourself too thin. Don’t try to waste your time preaching to every company to get online. Try to take a look at what their business budget is and how likely they are to respond to growing technology.

Contact the right businesses only and you will have an increased chance of getting hired.

What to Do Next?

Why not make the world a better place by helping every freelance writer you know? I’d really love a lot of freelance writer to read this article and I’d appreciate if you can help me spread the word about it on Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon. Also feel free to email it to anyone you think will benefit from it.

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About the Author

Onibalusi Bamidele is the 17 year old founder of YoungPrePro. Follow him on twitter here.
  • http://www.techhim.com Himanshu

    connecting with famous bloggers is the best way to get hired. And using your own blog to show of your talent is the best way since it acts as your portfolio.

    • http://www.blast4trafficnow.net/hire-me/ Michael @Blast4TrafficNow

      I’m taking you route Himanshu, there is so much benefit of connecting with the A-list bloggers. I could recall when I started blogging, the person that inspired me to venture into copywriting was Brian Clark of copyblogger media.

      Today, I’m glad I got connected to him. Also, I discovered that guest posting is one quick way to get connected to these people. They are kind of busy, can’t respond to email messages as such, but a great work of yours, could win their heart.

      Once your guest post is featured on Top blogs, there is every tendency you’ll attract clients. Always make use of your Author bio and indicate your writing services.

      Thank you Onibalusi for sharing.

    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

      You’re right about a blog acting as a portfolio. Plus the traffic and content on your blog adds up over time and shows people the kind of person you are.

    • http://amywinehousefredperry.com/ amy winehouse fred perry

      I am also agree with you. But Its not easy to get connected with popular bloggers.

  • http://www.cfagbata.com CFA

    Thanks for this.

    #8. I’ll Pool a List of Potential Clients and Ask Them to Hire Me – strikes me the most, a bit daring and unconventional but that’s the one I am gonna take to heart.

    By the way did you get the interview questions? Keep up the good work Oni :)

    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

      That’s exactly the point. Since very few people do it you are more likely to get results by doing it.

  • http://www.abloggersbooks.com Anne Lyken-Garner

    Great article. It’s very helpful to bloggers and freelance writers in need of writing jobs.

    If you’re ever at a loss for someone to write (for you or a client), send me an email and I’ll be happy to! :-)

    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

      I’m glad you enjoyed it Anne :)

  • http://www.jamienorthrup.com/blog Jamie Northrup

    Awesome tips to score some new customers, I have used some, but it’s always good to know that you can find new customers pretty much 24/7.

    Thanks Oni!

    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

      Aha, you’re right about that Jamie! I believe using the tips in this article effectively can result in more clients than any writer can handle.

  • http://www.makemoneyonlineng.com Adesoji Adegbulu@Make Money Online Nigeria

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    Now this is great list of tools and resources to make a better freelancer are available all over the web.

    The good thing about your post is the structure that makes you motivated and makes you want to jump into the working mode.

    If other things don’t workout, you can always come back to freelance writing.

    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

      Aha, tips are useless if they aren’t implemented – I’m glad you enjoyed the article!

  • http://www.miraculousladies.com June

    Your website looks great.

    Thanks for this article. You’ve shared some valuable information and I will make sure I use some of your tips to break into the freelancing market. I’ve procrastinated long enough! As usual, you’ve really inspired me to move forward.

    I’ve shared this article.

    Thanks again.


    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

      Thanks June for the awesome support, and also for sharing the article.

      I think it’s a great decision to get started, and I wish you all the best with your freelancing journey!

  • http://www.jarodonline.wordpress.com/ Jarod Online

    Great post, but do you suggest we start with low bids and building them up from there? Or should we charge whatever bid we want until we’ve finally gotten a deal?

    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

      Rome wasn’t built in a day so we all have to start low till we get to a stage where we are paid what we demand.

    • http://www.jarodonline.wordpress.com/ Jarod Online

      Thanks. That’s all I really wanted to know. I just have to finish establish myself now, and I can get started kicking out guest posts and articles for people. Well, after I become ill-free again (I’m sick right now, but it’s temporary).

  • http://www.profitblog.com Raj

    Nice descriptive post. I think, having a testimonial page on our blog is another tool which we can utilize along with the ‘Hire me’ page. Initially, the freelancing jobs pay quite a little, but with the right contacts and good work, the revenue increases.

    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

      You’re right. Testimonials also can make a huge difference in what potential clients think of you.

  • http://www.richerornot.com fazal mayar

    your plans are deadly onibalusi, some blogs can hire paid writers for sure. As for me, I want to build a guest posting portfolio and my blog as a proof of work too

    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

      Guest blogging works so I think you are taking the smart approach!

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  • http://writing-freelance.blogspot.com Harleena Singh

    This sure is an insightful and informative post!

    I couldn’t agree more to your great tips here, and yes, you are so right in planning to make these much-needed moves. I agree with the point of guest blogging to be payable, as that is when you would really get quality content, and you have that little right to ask for some changes to be made as well. It’s very rare that what the guest bloggers writer on their own blog, is of similar quality they provide you. There maybe many reason for that, but having it payable would ensure you do get quality content, and for the guest bloggers also, it would be similar to writing for a client and not for free.

    Wishing you the best in the changes you plan to incorporate, and thanks for sharing a great post :)

    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

      Hi Harleena,

      Thanks so much for the nice feedback!

      I’m glad you agree with my point about paying for guest posts – it helps keep the quality of the guest post submissions high and encourages more quality writers to submit their articles.

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    thanks for sharing, great tips !

    This advice applies to me forever and for all.

    #4. I’d Focus on Improving My Current Skills and Gaining More Skills

    Improvement is always the key !

    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

      Aha, I can totally resonate with that. I think we all need to work on improving our skills. The more skills we have the more likely we are to be hired!

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    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

      Thanks Sam!

  • http://www.infogenra.com/ Raj @ Blogging Tips & Tricks

    Connecting with fellow bloggers and writing articles for #Top blogs will help us in getting enough exposure and after you get that start showcasing your skills on freelance sites..

    This strategy will definitely work, at least it worked for me..

    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

      You’re right about that. There’s a kind of social proof attached to getting published on top blogs – it makes people see you as someone who knows what he/she is doing!

  • http://blackrootsexposed.blogspot.com Nuwamanya Mategyero

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    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

      I really didn’t calculate how many hours it took to write this – I think it was fun writing it!

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    Hello Onibalusi, I think it’s very important for freelance writers to have their own blog or space on the internet where they can present themselves, like you do. It’s a perfect way to see if someone can write good articles. And a popular blog is the best prove of that. Guest posts are also a very good indication. That’s how I search for and contact freelance writers.

    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

      Hi Nico,

      You’re right! In my own opinion freelance writers have an increase chance of getting hired if they have a blog.

  • http://www.best-steam-reviews.com/ Cinz @ Best Steam Reviews

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    Your writing has gotten so much stronger and the value you deliver is remarkable. Guys, this fellow really worked his way up and I can say I am thoroughly impressed!!

    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

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  • http://sunoasis.com/webjean.html Star

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    • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

      I’m glad I never said I have a PhD in English anywhere in the post or anywhere on this blog.

      • http://sunoasis.com/webjean.html Star

        Sarcasm? I never said that–in fact, when employers ask for English majors, I wonder if they think this means the person is a good writer in English. It does not mean that. But this is a blog entry on writing and it’s full of errors–I didn’t know what to make of it…I guess I would be less than impressed were I considering using you. Look–I make mistakes, typos…but this is more…All I was saying. Don’t be insulted–and don’t lash back at me. I am trying to be constructive.

        • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

          Thanks for the feedback Star!

          I love it when people pick up my errors and I really appreciate your criticism! The problem however is that you said there are a lot of errors but you didn’t highlight any. Mind you, not that I’m trying to say there aren’t errors in this article. The other problem is that the comment isn’t in any way in context to the topic of this post – if it was truly constructive criticism, and you enjoyed this article and wanted me to improve as a writer you would have sent me an email showing me the errors and giving your suggestions.

          Feedback is great! Constructive criticism is great! But tell me, how does the comment “So many “English” errors and typos on this–I don’t know what to make of that.” help me improve?

          • http://sunoasis.com/webjean.html Star

            Still sort of hostile–if I cared about you, etc. This will take time, but OK…

            First two paras…

            The need for content online is growing every day (space in everyday) and as a result (comma) the market for freelance writers is increasing (growing?). The problem (comma) however (comma) is that even with the increasing need for content online and (for) quality freelance writers (comma) a lot of writers still struggle to get clients. One thing I have noticed about freelance writing is that some people just seem to get more clients than they can handle (comma) while others find it difficult to get any. In my own experience (comma) getting the right clients is all about having the right tactics and knowing what you are doing.

            I currently have more clients than I can handle (comma) and I keep on getting new client (no s) request(s). If (comma) for a moment (comma) every single client I have seem(ed) to disappear, my name and online influence seem(ed) to go down the drain, my blog, traffic, and assets seem(ed) to vanish and I’m (I were) left with nothing other than my writing skills, below are 10 ways I’d look for freelance writing clients.

            I cannot take more time on this–you had some good suggestions–and you nailed the subjunctive–many English-as-first-lang people don’t get that one! Good job overall…but you need to watch the sort of irritable edge–just my opinion.

          • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

            Hi Star,

            I’m really sorry if my comment made me look rude or offensive.

            Thanks so much for showing me the errors with the first two paragraphs, I now see exactly what you mean.

            I have a lot to improve on, and I’ll work hard on improving over time.

            Once again, your feedback really means a lot to me!

            P.S. I just sent you an email.

  • http://towelracksforbathrooms.com/ bathroom towel racks

    Hy oni, Its really hard to start things again. But now there is no need to start you again. You already writing star. But this post is useful for new writer.


  • http://www.crunchyblogger.com Romy singh

    Hello Oni,

    Really very astonishing article, about how to land your hands on freelance writting project. You mentioned some of very impressive and effective tips to grab freelance writing project.

    I think the most easy way to land your hand on freelance writing project would be by increasing your self skils and marketing your skill as well as yourself. Whats the use of having a good writing talent if no one knows it.So if you have talent then show it to the world. As Oni says use your blog to show your talent is a very good way but there still lots of doors exits that you have to knock to market yourself and your talent.

    Oni you rocks dude!…

  • http://www.youngprepro.com/about Onibalusi

    You’re absolutely right, Romy! Skills are all that matters! Marketing, writing etc. The more skills you have, the more clients you are likely to get!

  • http://thebitbot.com/ Mark @ Organic SEO Services


    Sometimes I wonder if the freelance job boards have made the industry better or worse.

    It seems to me that writers get themselves into a passive bidding war for clients which puts downward pressure on prices and income.

    Maybe not…


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    oni…. Nice post dear. I would do the same. I would target blogs that pay to write tutorials.

  • http://jacobwalnut.com Jake

    I thought that this post was very informative. However, I also felt that it had a lot of spelling and grammatical errors that made it difficult to read. I understand that it is a blog post, but I still felt that some of the mistakes made it less effective. This isn’t to say that I didn’t learn anything and that I won’t put some of the helpful advice into practice though!

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  • Mike

    I believe that in order to be an effective freelancer you need to improve in everyday experience with lots of room to grow. Another thing is, in my opinion you should not outsource a function that is core to your business. Looking for clients on different areas helps you get a better chance of having a client. I also work as a freelancer and recently I sign up a resume on Staff.com and Guru.com. Later on I’ll start looking for clients on Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • http://kapush.net kapush

    Nice work. Your English may not be flawless, but your ideas certainly are. And your success as a blogger shows how authentic your content is. Thanks for listing things out for beginners such as myself.

    I just Googled for “quality writers wanted”, and came up with someone who wants to pay 2 dollars for 500 words. Even the worst content mills are marginally better than that. Is there any way to further filter the search results to find people who are willing to pay a little more than slave wages when they ask for “quality work”?

    Thanks again.

  • Janine

    RN in labor and delivery starting out as a freelance writer. So far, so good. Not much pay yet, but I think I need to find the clients….I will use your techniques!! Thank you!!

  • http://www.thunderbaymedia.net Website copywriting

    This came at the perfect time. I got out of freelance writing for a year when I took a corporate gig. Because I wasn’t marketing my site, my search rank dropped off and so did the customers I got through organic search.

    Have been sitting here scratching my head this week trying to figure out some other ways to get the word out to clients. Inbound marketing is probably going to be the key – same thing I’ve preached to clients in the past.

    Will also likely do some direct mail promotions that are niche specific. Thanks for sharing, it helped me get my head pointed in a more focused direction.

    Derek C.

    • http://www.writersincharge.com/ Bamidele Onibalusi

      You’re welcome, Derek! I’m glad you found the post helpful :)