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How I Got My Very First Freelance Writing Client

One question I get asked a lot is that of how I got my very first client, and I’ll be answering that question in today’s article.

Get New Clients by Capitalizing on Opportunities, or How I Made $1,200 on a Boring Day

The past few days have been busy and stressful for me, and I didn’t have much motivation to write today; I also just recently recovered from a prolonged illness that was in a way related to stressing myself so, I decided to “relax” by checking up on emails and doing a few minor tasks on my computer […]

3 Fundamental Mistakes That Set Bloggers Up to Fail

By Carol Tice Are you dreaming of making big money from your blog? The trouble is, most bloggers never go beyond dreaming. They imagine they’ll post about whatever strikes their fancy each day, and readers will magically appear. Next, those readers will spend thousands buying your products or services. Even if you have no idea […]

How Oliver Emberton Used Quora to Build a Popular Blog in Less Than One Year

Oliver Emberton’s articles have been read over 9 million times in the last year, and featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, TIME, and many more. Yet he started writing entirely by accident only 2 years ago. How did he go from Internet nobody to wildly successful blogger?

The Top Skill Bloggers Need Now to Skyrocket Their Success

By Carol Have you been wondering how to make your blog stand out? At this point, there are umpty-million blogs out there. Every niche has tons of bloggers. There is no wide-open field you can claim — and if you spot one, it’s probably there because that’s a topic nobody can earn from. Now, it’s […]


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