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The Three Most Important Steps You Can Take to Get Started as a Freelance Writer

Getting started can be extremely overwhelming to new freelance writers.

getting started

There’s just so much information out there – blogs, books, courses being pitched right and left, experts and teachers – that eventually cripples you and prevents you from doing what really matters; getting started.

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How to Write The Best Ending For Your Story

Spoiler alert: No matter how great your story is, if the ending falls flat or doesn’t ring true, it ruins the entire story for the reader.

You would think that endings should be easy to write—just wrap up all the story’s loose ends, tie the whole package with a neat little bow, and be done with it, right? Nope! If the story ends too perfectly, readers may discount your ending as contrived. But if it’s too messy and not carefully resolved, readers may be dissatisfied. To write an ending that’s compelling and satisfying, think about trying out the following techniques:

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5 Sure-Fire Ways To Grow and Multiply Your Freelance Income Like The Pros

By Lanre Solarin

“You cannot come into my domain, hire my services, pay me peanuts and then dictate how and what I do!

In fact, you’re fired!”


That’s what I call the “Celebrity Apprentice” effect :D.

grow your income like pros

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4 Things Successful Freelancers Know

Many of us have bought into the “freelancer lifestyle”.

We dream of glamor and luxury, all the while doing very little; you know, the 20 hour work weeks and thousands of dollars monthly, as well as the ability to wake up whenever you want to, work whenever you want to and travel the world?

I’m not saying that the “freelancer lifestyle” is a myth, but I’ve been in this game long enough to learn some of the principles of success; in short, it is not as simple as most people would want you to believe.

Here are things successful freelancers know.

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10 Ways I’d Get Clients if I Were to Start Again

Getting started.

Experienced freelance writers often find it difficult to understand how difficult and scary this can be for beginner freelance writers.

With over 5 years of experience as a freelance writer and blogger, recognition from top publications and magazines, and having written for some of the biggest blogs online, it is very easy for me to say “okay, do this to get X result“.

Things aren’t as simple for beginner freelance writers though and I could very well, unknowingly, be suffering from the curse of knowledge.

However, what if I’m a completely new freelance writer – with no experience, no connections and no reputation – exactly how will I give myself a quick boost?

getting clients as a beginner

Here are some things I’d do differently if I were to start again today:

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